Why Are The City’s Older Men Getting So Lecherous?

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They are old enough to be a father, or grandfather for that matter, yet their roving eye is certainly making a lot of city girls uncomfortable. This visibly lecherous lot can be found on the streets, in public transport, restaurants or for that matter anywhere.

Sadly, there has been a spurt of incidents off late where innocent girls as young as 7, have been stalked and molested by these sex maniacs.

We spoke to a cross section of people in the city who had encountered such incidents. They shared their own experiences that shockingly reinforced this trend… 

“A man who is probably unhappy in marriage, or thinks he is a big handsome hunk is often the kind who indulge in lecherous behaviour and harassment of young women,” says Minal Kulkarni, a student.

Public transport is a common place where such harassment is seen, I travel by bus daily during the peak hours thanks to my college timings. Using the rush hour excuse, middle aged and even old men push themselves on us during the journey.

Even if you raise voice against it, other commuters keep saying, ‘gardi main dhakka toh lagega hi na’ ( during a rush hour, you will get pushed won’t you?)nThough 80% of the time, we know it is done on purpose, Minal adds.

“We always try and help them often when they ask for help with bags etc, yet, often they cross their line with us. Our duty is to help senior citizens, not to please them in this manner says Mary Pereira, Flight attendant.

There have been several instances of men sexually harassing young ladies and often flight attendants are the only reason why they board flights! I have experienced it several times while flying.

They call us for small reasons like wanting assistance with tying their seat belt to providing them assistance to the pantry.

That stare, Oh my god! Most of the times we feel ashamed of it and despite giving them angry looks, they continue doing it, often with a smile on their faces! 

I understand boys of my age ogling at girls, but seriously, a person in his 60s staring at a woman’s bosom is crazy! These men ought to have had enough of a sex life” says Rishi Deo, Engineer.

There have been so many incidents, I have witnessed. Yesterday, I was sitting in this cafe waiting for my girlfriend and there was this man in his 50s, His eyes never moved from the bunch of girls who were celebrating their friend’s birthday.

After a while, I saw him approaching the table and trying to strike a conversation with those girls. The girls were already not comfortable with his stare and told him to go away.

I understand a person having sexual desires, but would you do all this with your own daughters and grand-daughters asks Rishi.

Kalyani Raut, Social media executive exclaim that, “His eyes never took off my cleavage. I was in his office for an interview. Although he didn’t try to do anything, but that constant stare with his tongue rolling over his lips repeatedly said it all! ”

It has become an increasing trend in old men. New trends are ok but why harass us to satisfy your lecherous desires.

We should not let them get away with all this! We have ignored and spared them in the past considering their age and this has led to an increase in such harassment.

“The growing trend of young women dating old men has also made many of them feel confident of playing this game well,” says, Dhanashri Mate, Content writer.

“I am not blaming those girls who are fond of old men and everybody has their own preferences finally. Often, these lecherous types feel that they will get away with all this, because of their age and the women will not react.

This is the issue says Dhanashri, signing off.


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