#WaterWoes: Pune Is Finally Getting Serious About Conservation

Water Conservation
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Water is just not unlimited any Longer ! We need to internalise this as citizens of a city that is rapidly growing and yet has depleting natural resources. 

The water bodies of India are disappearing fast as a consequence of the rapid urbanisation and Pune hasn’t been spared either.

Speaking to Pune365, Environment Expert Kumar Kashyap remarked. “Water conservation is possible for anyone and everyone, be it our kids or senior citizens.

The water bodies in the city are fast disappearing and individual conservation is something which should be made mandatory. 

Citizens also need to understand that water conservation will not only help in water saving but also minimise their electricity bills down the line. Further, it will help prevent pollution in the nearby water bodies, greenhouse gas emissions and also expand the life of the soil.

Kashyap explains, “Consumption of water as per the need is still fine, but small steps like reusing the water wherever possible, checking leakages of pipes in the house and nearby community areas. Using Buckets instead of standing for ages in the shower.”

Also, most buildings in Pune need to adopt water conservation by installing Rainwater harvesting. Fit household faucets with aerators- It is easy and the cheapest method to conserve water in the home.

A simple aerator cost around 150- 200 which can help you save gallons of water every day without disturbing your current usage.

Water shortage due to urbanisation is nothing new in Pune and not only Kalinga, most of the restaurants have stopped serving a full glass of water to their guests, says an Active Citizen and social worker Hemlata Kokane.

The move is worthy of appreciation. They can also help conserve by utilising the remaining water for the plants and washing utensils or to keep for stray animals and birds. 

Most of the societies in our area have adopted water conservation and constant checks by the authorities in the building ensure that there is no leak within the house.

We are compelled to fit aerators in the bathroom and the other in the sink. The Supply of water is limited to each house and accordingly residents plan their usage.

Our society has faced enormous problems due to the scarcity of water a few years back and hence the precautions. The city is expanding and it is important we take steps before we face a drought in Pune, Kokane added.

A step to conserve water is a step to save our future! says Samyukta Nair, Active citizen. As we all know, water is the most important natural resource available in abundance on the earth, but due to rapid urbanisation the scarcity of water is also spreading like wildfire.

Water Conservation is no big deal and it is easy to practice on a daily basis.

On an individual level, one can start by checking frequent leakages to minimize the use of running the tap while brushing, washing clothes or even washing vegetable.

Use a minimum amount of water to bathe. The water supply should be limited in those areas which enjoy unlimited water supply. Rainwater harvesting is another method to conserve water.

Awareness of water conservation should start a young age so that even kids understand and adopt the ways of water conservation.

Promoting the conservation of water through media and speaking walls of Pune will have a much greater impact.

Restaurant Owner Ajay Nanekar says,Being brought up in a drought prone area, I completely understand the need to save water.

Therefore, in order to save water we have already installed rainwater harvesting. Apart from that, we ensure that water is served as per the need of the guest. We have also installed water aerators in washrooms, kitchen and wash basins in the restaurant to avoid wastage.


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