This Is Why Giving Space In A Relationship Is So Important

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Is the pressure of maintaining your relationship eating into your time for friends and family? 

When was the last time you met with your old buddies without your partner?  Is this becoming the reason for your daily fights?

If the answer is yes, then it is probably time to give yourselves some space in the relationship.

Recent research indicates that allowing your partner space will help keep up the love and respect in a relationship

Sachin Raut, Software professional says, “A Relationship means a commitment, which simply doesn’t mean that you need to do everything together.

Liberty is an important aspect in a relationship and all of us have our share of private things to do…

In a relationship it is important to respect each others space be it meeting friends, or dropping an office colleague after a party.

An added advantage by giving them their share of space is that, you get it back the same way. This way there are no fights over that same office colleague or that childhood male friend, he added.

I believe in giving space, its important and it also helps whenever we’re apart. Yet, I think too much space is also dangerous, because nowadays relationships are more dependent on physical intimacy then emotional connect.

So I ensure, I bother him after every few hours of his time, says Sakshi Nene, Playgroup teacher.

Be the in charge of your own happiness, never let your partner take charge of your happiness says Aditi Barve, Techie.

To have space is more important in a relationship than having good sex. 

Spending time makes the bond grow stronger. Moreover, having that space will help you learn something new, develop some hobbies, meet friends and family. This will help enhance your personality.

A relationship is an agreement of love and respect for which two individuals come together, therefore space is essential and it also involves trusting your partner, Aditi adds.

Space helps maintain the relationship and the excitement. If you keep doing everything together, then the novelty of something new will also seem routine, says Gaurav Bhunjang, Disc jockey.

Enjoy the space but don’t just be a loner in a relationship constantly depending on the partner. Rather, make it fun so that there is an equal amount of excitement when you meet each other.

It is often said that husband and wife should not work together and that is true for this very reason, Gaurav added.

Space gives me a sense of freedom and it makes sure that my partner trusts me completely and not control my life when am out with my friends or family, says Deepa Mhetre, a Marketing executive.

Imagine you are listening to your favourite song every day, you get bored right? It’s the  same with relationships, so, old and stale may have an adverse effect.

Am not saying neglect your partner, allow him/her to go out with his friends for a weekend trip or a party. Let his/ her plans be without you. Give space but also ensure that you don’t crib over it when you have an argument, Mhetre added


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