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Sustainable Living
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Global warming, pollution, indiscriminate construction and the ever increasing population levels are just the tip of the iceberg…

Suffering the extreme summer is just one fall out of the mass destruction that we are familiar with.

Have you ever imagined what our children and the future generations would have to bear at this rate ?

If at all there is anyone to blame for this environmental degradation, it is us and nothing can hide this realisation.

Yet, there are a few informed citizens who are making a difference and attempting to live a sustainable lifestyle to contribute for the greater good of our world : 

“I make a conscious effort to reduce my contribution to waste generation as much as possible,” says Neena Walia, an R&D executive. “I don’t use any kind of plastic, be it bottles, bags or such regular use products. Even if I do end up with packing material and plastic wrappers from online shopping, I make it a point to hand it over to the garbage or plastic collectors.

All my wet and organic waste goes to the recycling pit that is installed in our society premises. For me, these thing are of utmost importance. My kids are growing up and they learn all these things from me. Even my husband understands the need of my obsession with living a waste free lifestyle, Neena adds.

Conscious effort towards leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is what comes with purpose and determination. While for some it is a cake walk, others believe in taking it, one step at a time.

“I know I still do not contribute much to the environment, but at least, I have started taking it seriously. It feels sad to read about people dying due to lack of basic things like food and water.

It has only been a month, since I adopted measures to conserve seriously yet, the sound of a leaking tap irritates me now, to the extend that even if I am doing something important, I make it a point to get up and shut it, or get it fixed,” says Ranjeet Bhatti, an entrepreneur.

Speaking about his efforts, Priyansh Parekh, a chartered accountant says, “I am not obsessive when it comes to adopting a green lifestyle, but I do believe that things like global warming are affecting us and only we can make a difference.

Hence, I have resorted to thinking about the consequences before I act on anything that can hamper our environment.

“I have narrowed down three basic areas where I need to work, electricity, transportation and diet. Unlike earlier, I have started taking the shared cab to office which I used to skip as I had to wake up early for that. Secondly, I have also shifted to buying grocery and vegetables myself,twice a week to be aware of what I am eating and from where it comes.

Today, I check the entire room to ensure all appliances and switches are off as that also consumes energy when not in use. These things take a bit of effort, but the end result is satisfying and it also helps me save a lot of money too,” Priyansh smiles.

“Since I started working part time with an NGO, my thinking and lifestyle has changed a lot,” shares Suman Kukrehja, social worker. “I love animals and am a non-vegetarian.

This is really paradoxical and this is what I realised after joining the NGO. I would cry everyday on seeing an injured dog coming in and hence realised that it may be the same for other animals as well. Now, I am trying to avoid meat as much as possible, although, it is difficult for a hardcore meat eating foodie  like me.

In addition to this, I also make it a point to use products that are vegan and made of recyclable materials that,” she adds.

Our city seems to have made a robust begging and several citizens are moving towards living a sustainable lifestyle. Every little bit of effort in this direction will prove its worth in time…


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents.

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