Things To Avoid While Dealing With A Breakup

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Whether it was a mutual decision or the person you love left you, breakups are always painful. It is extremely difficult to deal with but we always try thousands of ways to overcome a breakup.

However, many a time we end up doing things which should not be done or completely avoided to overcome someone.

Pune365 speaks to citizens to gauge their views on things not to do while you’re overcoming a breakup.

Radhika Jain, Pet Groomer, says, “With revenge in mind you might want to date the next person you meet. But avoid this completely. It is like getting out of one mess and falling into another. It is easy to replace but you’ll keep finding the old person in him.”

So dating the next person you see is complete No, she added.

Don’t lose yourself in overcoming something, there is much more to do than singing Channa Mera Ye in the house, says Piyush Rajput, Techie.

“Since the day I broke up, I have never stayed alone. It is so easy to wallow in self-pity and check your phone every 5 seconds with the hope of your ex texting you or updating something on his social media.

“But remember once it is over, don’t make an effort for patch up,” Rajput added.

Shreya Tapkir, says, “Don’t drink dial or text your ex and shower your love. This is the stupidest thing that I end up doing every time. This should be completely avoided. Never ever let them feel that the breakup was a mistake and you want them back in life.”

Shubham Katre, Athlete, opines, “The pain in devastating but it is essential to feel it and is a lesson for life. Don’t avoid the pain you feel.”

The only way to recover it is by experiencing hurt and pain, to get on to the other side, he added.

“Don’t play the game of revenge, says Manoj More, a Marketing Executive.

“If you’re dumped or cheated, chances are high that you may want to take the revenge by making him/her feel the same amount of emotional and mental stress.

“There are some lines which one should not cross, as in the process of revenge you may end up hurting yourself.

“Avoid spreading rumours and talking rubbish on his social media. It displays your image, not theirs, More added.

“Don’t keep the reminders, throw them away,” says Shruti Nagpal, Content Writer.

“Delete all the picture on social media, keep his belongings away from you.  Avoid the places you’ll go together for a few weeks, so fond memories aren’t triggered.

“Start new! Say hello to new beginnings which may also include changing your daily routine,” Nagpal added.



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