All Things Pune365 : Citizen Voice


For our Anniversary Special we bring you the voice of the people as Puneites opine on all things Pune365. From articles on sports and food to business and fashion we solicit feedback from our valued readers.

Aditi Balsaver of Team365 meets with the citizens of Pune to get their voice on the impact that Pune365 has had on their life.

Reha Pillai : Fashion and Travel Enthusiast

Fashion and the good life intrigue me, so I watch out for the lifestyle articles every so often. I must say a few of my best outfits have been inspired by Instavogue. I’d like to see a few travelogues on the site though. They’ll really add colour and character along with bringing new material for those with wanderlust like me.


Kushagra Jaiswal : Architecture Student and Musician

I’ve particularly enjoyed Monique Patel’s writing as it’s very unusual and brings out a different perspective. Recently I liked the one on Tharoor – it was very well written! I’m a weekend visitor on the website.


Sanchit Doda : Self-confessed Food-Junkie

A foodie for life, I like perusing through the latest food trends and discovering new hangouts spots about town. Pune365 curates quite a neat list for both, which is why it makes for a good read.



Priya Raheja : Digital Marketing Junkie

I latched on to the site the moment I saw it calling out Arnab Goswami and his cheap marketing tactics for Republic TV. I’m someone who’s always looking to analyze new marketing strategies, so I’d like to see more of that from Pune365.


Prem Wadhwani : Meat Lover and Pluviophile

Not one for fashion, I do like reading your stories about the city. I have to flitter off to other websites for news though. I’m usually in a rush with little patience for beating around the bush.



Sarmishtha KP : Lawyer and Binge Drinker

I frequent the site to check out what’s hot in the city with Wassup. There’s so much variety it can be quite mind-boggling. So Pune365 usually guides my weekend food and drink plans in town.

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