Struggling To Convince Your Partner To Come Shopping?

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Shopping is both life and love for women and when it comes to the festive season, the urge is just that much more!

Yet, for almost anyone, shopping alone is both boring and lack lustre. Relying on your partner to be your shopping companion isn’t as easy as it seems, say Pune’s women. 

Perfecting the art of cajoling their partners are these young Puneites who share their tricks and tips for our readers.

Getting him out for shopping is the real struggle of my life, be it grocery or personal shopping, says Aditi Gosavi, Freelancer.

Working around this, I now take him out suggest shopping for him and visit a few stores for men’s stuff and quietly sneak out to the ladies section for my shopping. I have been using this method for years now and it still works well for me, Aditi added.

Sana Shaikh, model says, “Tell him that you’re shopping for a new swim suit or lingerie; nothing will excite him more than this at shopping.

However, this won’t work every time, so grab a few beers with him and put him in a good mood, Sana Adds.

My partner loves shopping more than I do, so I have never taken efforts to actually convince him so it is the other way around, says Rutuja Sable, web designer.

Men hate it when a women take more time than expected, so it is best to plan and make it real quick. He won’t complain then, she added.

Don’t be selfish! Shop for him first and then he’ll let you have your time, says Sarah D’souza, Flight attendant.

Why would you not like your men standing next to you in a new shirt? Men love to dress up too! They just keep it simple and buy only when its needed, Sarah added.

Buy at least one dress of his choice or for his mom, this works wonders especially when you’re a guy is a momma’s boy, says Shreyasi Parkhe, housewife.

My husband is momma’s boy so buying stuff for his mother or family has always worked well. For married women, tell your man that you wanna go grocery shopping and they’ll do anything for food, she added.

Don’t ask for our credit cards, most of us avoid shopping because it is a huge whole to our pocket, says Pranay More, artist.

Girls need to shop every two weeks and despite that, their urge for shopping is never satiated. I don’t mind accompanying my partner for shopping as long as it is doesn’t clash with my cricket match of takes up the whole day, adds Pranay.


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