StartupStory#79: Ablifree – Nirmay, Rupesh and Govinda On Digital Business Networking

Startup Story - Ablifree Business Network
Team - Ablifree Business Network


“We aim to completely take care of and speed up the process of connecting relevant entrepreneurs of similar interests making business networking a lot easier,” declares Nirmay Chhajed the founding partner at Ablifree Business Network.

Startup Story - Ablifree Business Network
Nirmay Chajjed

“As the founder of a startup, I don various roles at any given time.

Right from working on the application and customers outreach to brand building and marketing,” states Nirmay walking us through a day in his life at the startup.

Startup Essentials
Designed and developed by Bluemark Software Pvt Ltd, Ablifree Business Network is a savvy digital business networking application.
It is built to manage a firm’s revenue, network, visibility and growth.
It facilitates business deals, introductions to business associates and business networking at one destination.

He mentions some of his daily responsibilities as a founder:


“Multitasking is a must as I must see to strategizing, building client relationships, hiring employees and even book keeping!

But, I maintain that as we grow as an organization, it is important to delegate.

The goal is to build an organization that is not dependant one individual to thrive,” he asserts.

Few of his key daily responsibilities include motivating the team to work passionately and conducting meetings. “These ensure teams from various departments are working towards the same goal. We must make sure everyone is in line with the company’s vision. Weekly planning meets with the Marketing team for on ground as well as social and digital media activities is a must as well. A lot of marketing and networking takes place online, so having a team that can help take care of their social media presence from their Facebook to LinkedIn outreach is always a plus.

Startup Story
Founders of Ablifree Business Network

Speaking of the founding members, Nirmay introduces us to Rupesh Gosavi and Govinda Sadamate.

“Rupesh is in charge of Product Strategy and Customer Retention, while Govinda and I steer marketing and sales,” explains Nirmay. “We are one big family.

Our doors are always open for discussion and a creative exchange of thoughts.

We believe no idea is small or big until it’s executed,” he says of the company culture at Ablifree.

We make sure the entire company has single vision,” quip the founders. There are bi-monthly discussions with the entire team from various departments. These determine that we’re all working together and pulling towards the same goal.

Up next is the core team of Sanjay Landge and Arun Monga who head Accounts and Business Development respectively. Amey Bapat and Rahul Verma on the other hand are the resident Mobile Application development geniuses. “With close to a decade of experience, they handle technical development and enhance the overall experience of their app,” says Nirmay.

CEO After Hours
An adrenaline and adventure junkie, Nirmay enjoys trekking.
The man has tried his hand at skydiving, river rafting, bungy jumping and deep sea diving.
He adores snorkeling and long bike rides when not camping with friends.
He enjoys music, cooking and plays the bongo.
This founder loves socialising and is an instructor at Pugmarks

“Lastly, an entrepreneur has to keep a constant eye on customer feedback,” he reveals. “We then have to be changing strategies accordingly.

We have routine discussions based on market feedbacks with our technical team to speak about app development, timelines and changes to make the app more and more user friendly.

“Our main focus has always been on work getting done and sticking to deadlines,” he adds indicating that office timings are merely an HR norm.

“We’re working on making our app progressively user friendly and escalating the sales graph,” concludes Nirmay.

The startup plans to introduce the app globally in a week.


#Pune365 wishes the founders and team at Ablifree Business Network all success ahead !


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