Dump The Roses, Bring Home A Pet This Valentine

Pet Adoption
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If you want to make this valentine’s extra special for a special person who loves the company of animals, then what better than gifting them their own ball of fur !

Adoption apart, if you do really love animals and want to do something for them, there are a lot of ways you could help. Here’s a handy list of the better known organisations and their animal welfare initiatives :

SPCA: One can adopt pets, report cruelty, post enquiries for treatment and adoption and much more at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. SPCA, Pune’s shelter and the veterinary Hospital, were built with generous donations from philanthropist Sir Manekji Mehta. The organisation has professional veterinary doctors who volunteer to treat stray animals.

Address: 2390, New Transport Lines, near Poona College, Pune.

Contact Details: 020-26444960

Blue Cross Society: This animal welfare organization caters to every need of a pet owner. One can also take a needy stray animal to their rescue centre/hospital for their upkeep. Although they do not keep the animals inhouse, they do organise various adoption camps, awareness sessions, sterilization programs, rallies, health check up by the vets, ambulance services, rehoming, mobile dispensary, Animal Birth Control etc. The hospital premises include the horse stables, the cow shed, and the donkey shed, the cages with sick of recuperating dogs, the kennels for abandoned or rescued dogs, the Out-Patient Department and the two operation theaters.

Address : Blue Cross Hospital: 341, Sr. No. 5, Sharad Nagar, Mundhwa, Pune.

Email:  bluecrosspune@gmail.com

Contact: (020) 65266491/2

There are times you see a helpless dog injured by other animals or a victim of an accident, don’t panic. You can report to these organisations if you seek to adopt a pet, or have other needs like medication, rehabilitation or any other treatment.

ResQ: ResQ is a not-for-profit organization working for the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and sick animals. They also conduct awareness and education programs with the aim to reduce human-animal conflict and conservation of the environment. One can donate for the food and supplements, animal birth control surgery, animal rescue, anti-rabies vaccination, support the treatment of an injured animal or support the upkeep of a disabled animal.

Address: Plot No. 3906, Paud Mulshi Road, Near 115 Hilltown, Near Chandni Chowk, Pune.

Contact Details: www.resqct.org

Bodhisattva: Motivated to support human and animal welfare, Bodhisattva aims at supporting the wellbeing of humans and animals on the streets of Pune. Working together with PMC, they are able to implement and monitor animal birth control. They also conduct vaccination drives, adoption and awareness campaigns. They also provide 24 hours welfare service for street animals and ensure they are dealt with in a humane manner.

Contact Details: www.bodhisattva.in

Helpline No.- +91997040402

AART: Animal Adoption and Rescue Team (AART), Pune, is group of volunteers residing in different parts of the city that came together with a common motive to rescue and rehabilitate foster animals across the vicinity. A non-profit organization, AART looks after rescue and sterilization of animal. As part of one of their initiatives, AART is organizing a pet adoption camp on the 18th of February at The Westin, Koregaon Park.

Contact Details: AART team- +919561966664


#Readers are advised to contact the organisations mentioned above for further details that may be required. Details shared here are purely for reader interest.

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