#SmartCity – Honestly, Are We Really Transgender Friendly?

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People just pretend that they always welcome us transgenders, but at heart, they really don’t care, says Sanya, a city-based transgender.

Quite recently, A transgender had lodged a formal complaint against a leading city mall for having allegedly denied her permission to enter. While, things seem to have been settled on that account, we decided to check on how friendly we are as a city when it comes to welcoming them.

Sanya further added, “Every transgender faces discrimination in one way or the other! The ones who can pass of as a male or a female in terms of looks and behaviour are comparatively less prone to the outrage.

The worst thing I faced was at a hospital. Doctors and medical professional are expected to understand and deal with transgender patients sensitively, but that wasn’t the case here.

“Since I can pass off, looking like a girl, I had to tell the doctors and the other four people present in the cabin, that I was a transgender and was suffering from severe pain in my abdomen. For them, this seemed very amusing and entertaining!

The hospital staff in the room were laughing and giggling, and kept peeping through the curtains, when I was being examined.

“Such things will make anyone uncomfortable. This is the state of affairs when it come to accepting transgenders as a part of the society in a city like Pune.”

I definitely feel that it will take time for the city accept transgenders as normal human beings.

“A friend of mine is a transgender and I do not see anything wrong with that. The incident at the Vimannagar mall was taken up because it came to light. Many such incidents do not get as much media attention and hence they never surface. He was denied permission at a local lounge because he wasn’t ‘adequately dressed’ to be assumed a man!

“This horrid mentality has to change,” shares Bhavishya, a Design student.

John Chen, Restaurateur, believes that it is unethical to restrict someone from entering into any public place, be it a mall, or a restaurant.

There are transgenders who are making a mark in various industries. When they are not denied admission anywhere, why are the normal citizens treated any different?

“They are humans beings and have equal rights to go wherever they want. We at Kimling Express welcome transgenders to our restaurants and do not discriminate or restrict any human being from entering our premises,” adds Chen.

Sharing his views on the incident, Vijesh, Assistant Manager at a city based cinema theatre says, “This incident was really very unfortunate. I do not think such treatment should be given to anyone!

“At our theatres and mall, we welcome everyone as long as they have a valid ticket. Our security officials are also instructed on this.

I have seen people from this community being treated so inhumanly in public spaces and even in front of kids. This is how children in turn learn such behaviour and treat the transgenders like their parents do.

“The choice is theirs. We need to educate the next generation that transgenders are also a part of the society. That is how people will feel comfortable in their presence and they won’t be treated like aliens,” adds Sumedha Awasthi, a Chef.


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