Rising Divorce Rates- Have We Forgotten To Love And Respect?

Failed Marriage
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With every passing year, the number of reported divorce cases are reportedly on the rise in Pune and other cities…

What is it that is causing these failed marriages? Do partners fall out love the moment they are married? Or have we forgotten how to love in a relationship?

Pune365 posed a few of these questions to young Puneites and took their views on the increasing failure rate of marriages

Often happens when you marry because of family pressure, says Genieve John, a Fashion designer.

Very often in Indian families, you’re forced to marry after a certain age. Women face a lot of pressure after the age of twenty-five which can lead to them taking rash decisions in life

Marriages fail when you marry the wrong person or you’re ready to compromise and lastly, when you’re just not ready, Geneva added.

Siddharth Shete, Graphic designer says, “Broken marriages are common these days because people are not looking for love in marriage and only want some thrill and excitement in life. Therefore, this then leads to some couples needing the assistance of a chicago divorce lawyer (or one closer to where they live) to guide them through this difficult part of their lives. It’s never easy for anyone, but it could be a lot more stressful without a lawyer by your side. After all, there are many different legalities and financial sides to divorce, such as the splitting of assets and perhaps less obvious things like the tie with Social Security and divorce.

None of us has the patience to deal with the ups and downs in a relationship. For a lot of us, the whole idea of a relationship is to have fun and party together.

Therefore when the excitement of everything fades, couples realise that it is time to move on, contacting firms like Nathens, Siegel LLP to handle the situation amicably as possible, he added.

Sexual incompatibility is one of the important reasons for failed marriages, says Krutika Hingorani, Lawyer.

After a few years of marriage when life is not easy and sex becomes the first victim.

Responsibility is doubled after marriage and to add to that, other factors like work, children, family and finances which can affect normal sexual relations between the couple.

It is said that effective communication can bring the spark back into anything, but couples today don’t seem to take the effort, says Shilpa Mehta, a Pet communicator.

Lack of communication and misunderstanding is the reason for these , from failed marriages, and its happening everywhere now, from new york to London. People want everything to be sugar and honey and nobody wants to focus on the relationship.

Instead of settling the arguments and making peace, some go out to seek love and end up hurting their partners more. This leads to breakups in a marriage, she added.

Couples often fail to understand the thin line between ego and self-respect. And when ego enters the relationship nothing can save it unless the person himself puts in effort, says Jayesh Nagpal, a Software professional.

Before our marriage, we were dating for 7 years and happy, yet, we broke up within two years of marriage says Avni Alves, a Theatre artist.

The term husband and wife added so much pressure to the relationship that we had completely forgotten the friendship we had during the dating period.

Responsibilities become an unbearable burden and coping up with daily life and managing the household becomes difficult. Only a handful of men help women or ease this for them, while the rest will always build the pressure for the woman.

The reason I feel marriages fail is when your opinion is not considered to be important, Alves added


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