#PuneTraffic – Cycling To Work May Just Be The Answer!

Cycling to Office
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The cycling fever seems to have taken the city by storm. Interestingly, as a result of Pune’s city’s fitness revolution, cycling has today become an integral fitness activity. This phenomenon is of course one for the better !

‘Pedaling everyday keeps the doctor away,’ To be honest, I have not needed a doctor even once for the past few months says Mahesh Badgujar.

Mahesh is a senior researcher in a private company, who travels on his cycle to  work in Pirangut .He says he started cycling initially to lose weight but he enjoys riding to work now. The distance from home to his work place is 26kms.

Regular cycling can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your fitness. I must add that, I ensure I am well protected while riding, helmet included and cycling has helped me lose over 6kgs in the past few months, he adds.

“Cycling is not only healthy and eco-friendly but also contributes a lot to road safety”, says Nikhil Kadam, Pharmacist.

I have been using a bicycle for the past 7 years now and the distance from my house to workplace is 10kms. Apart from this I use my cycle for other purposes also. Frankly, the best thing about riding a cycle is saving yourself from traffic congestion.

“Cycling everyday has increased my stamina and I can work more efficiently the whole day, he adds.

“My father is a Defence resource and he inspired me to take up cycling”, exclaims, Shaurya Singh Chauhan, Customer Experience Manager.

The better reasons to adopt cycling include the facts that it is cheaper, easy to manoeuvre in traffic and helps protect the environment. Biking to work will not only improve your overall health, but will also improve the quality of life.

I have been pedalling to my college and workplace every day for the past few months, and that is almost 16kms one way says, Shekhar Wagh, Student.

I have moved to pune for my Post Graduation to work in a PR agency, I have sharp deadlines to meet. Public Transport in Pune takes hours to reach the destination and I couldn’t afford to buy a good motorbike. I switched to pedaling and it is also the cheapest mode of transport.

Cycling has also saved me from traffic and helped me to meets my deadlines, he adds.

Neeraja Athavale, a gym instructor travels 20 kms everyday for the past year.

I always loved cycling and that motivated me to take it up as a mode of transport. Though, it does become difficult to ride a cycle alongside heavy vehicles and speeding two-wheelers, particularly during peak hours. she says .

Additionally, cycling has health benefits especially for people in Pune city where the proportion for people with diabetes and cardiac problems are on the rise.

Besides saving money, cycling also helps reduce the pollution levels,” she adds.




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