#PuneCats : This Is How Lovely It Feels To Adopt A Kitten

Rescue Cat
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Cats may often be accused of being selfish pets, yet, they bring the same amount of joy in your life as any other pet.

An epitome of animal love is the ability to adopt and go beyond breed and pedigree to bring home a wonderful pet.

Today, #Pune365Furholics presents four wonderful stories of people who have adopted lovely kittens and given them the care and love they deserve.

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Minty- The Boss Of The Gawade’s Family

Shreya Gawade- Rescued Cat

When Shreya met MINTY first time he was above to come under a car; he was scared, hurt and starving to death. Brought up on the streets he was apprehensive of trusting humans.

“When minty was brought home, he kept trying to run away since he lacked faith. It took a while for him to trust me! He has now accepted all of us and his love for us has no boundaries now! says, Shreya, an architecture student…

Shreya says. “Minty was fine after several vet visits, and now is the boss of the Gawde family.

Minty never allows anyone apart from the family to pet him and if anyone tries to do so, god help them from his claws.”

The wonderful thing about minty is that he is more like a dog. He waits patiently for me to return from college and we both have food together. The moment he sees me, he jumps on me and rubs his cheeks on mine to show his affection.

That feeling I get from minty relives all my daily stress and makes it all worthwhile, Shreya adds.

Cookie- The Love Of The Patil Family

Vinita Patil - Rescue Cat

Vinita and Cookie are inseparables ever since they have met. “I have had cats all my life, not as home pets, but the cats from the area kept coming home for naps and cuddles. but

From the time, I moved to a new house in Pune, it became difficult to spend time with the  cat in my society as most of them were too scared. This is around the time, I found Cookie who had fallen in the lift well.

I couldn’t think of anything else, apart from getting her in our lives. Cookie was mildly dehydrated, scared and needed immediate veterinary attention.

Ever since she came into to our family. she has always been the apple of my eye, says Vinita Patil.

Cookie’s favourite place in the house is the kitchen window where she can eat everything and anything that may be left open. Cookie is a loving soul and she is kind to everyone she meets, be it the stray dogs from the society or cats.

She often gets her friends along for lunch and dinner too. 

The amazing part of having Cookie in our life is that she complements us in every way, and we can’t imagine a day without Cookie! Vinita added.

It’s Raining Bubbles Of Joy At The Joshi’s 

Priyanka Joshi - Rescue Cat

“Innocent animals and their unconditional love for us brings true joy and happiness into our lives. Spending time with animals be it dogs or cats had always been my moment of solace, says Priyanka Joshi.

Bubbles was rescued by an animal lover in the city and was up for adoption. The white and grey furry baby looked at us and conquered our love.

We couldn’t think of anything else and immediately decided to adopt him and name him Bubble.

Priyanka shares, “Bubbles raced his way to our living room and bedrooms discovering and soaking in each corner of the house. Two days, and bubbles knew he had found his permanent home and we couldn’t be happier.”

Life seems so much more complete and happy with each passing day. Now, he is a life dependent on us and has given his trust and love for us to cherish and take care off. 

In little over 5 months, he has grown up into being a playful and notorious boy. He likes watching birds and also loves catching insects. He snuggles with us and gives us love bites, too, she added.

Bubble is equipped with some dog qualities too and keeps an eye over our maids and people that come and go from our home. He sniffs new people and ends up clawing people he does not like!

Now alarms are passé. He will wake you up with his soft paws and even lick you up to make you feel good and ready for the new day ahead…

Bubbles brings the entire gamut of emotions and reasons for us to celebrate life every day.

Messy’s Lovely Home At The Mistry’s

Ashish Mistry- Rescue Cat

I always loved cats and I had a few cats around my house in Mumbai. But I wasn’t allowed to have any of them at home as my other family members are not fond of pets, says Ashish Mistry, IT professional.

When I moved to Pune, I was missing my family and the cats from the area that’s when I met Messy and decided to bring her home.

Ever since then, she has brightened up my gloomy days! Messy is like family to me and her never ending antics are my source of entertainment

Ashish says, ” Messy loves playing with laces, papers, bottle caps, pen, pencils.  Despite having toys, she prefers scratching my blankets and t-shirts and she makes sure that they won’t be in a usable condition once she is done with it! 

Messy prefers sleeping with me, instead of her own bed. The best thing about Messy is she greets me by wagging her tail and jumping right onto me every day.

A tiring day feels so much better thanks to Messy’s affection and I have not missed getting home to be with her, Ashish added.



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