#PostBinge: Here’s What The Experts Recommend To Stay In Shape

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Just when you think your fitness regime and balanced diet has started showing results, the festive season comes knocking…

The boxes of sweets and chocolates begin to stare at you and out goes the diet and regime in favour of sheer indulgence over a good week.

Yet, there is much hope say Pune’s fitness experts and enthusiasts who shared their time tested tactics to overcome the post festival guilt and increasing waistlines.

Kavita Nair, Dietician says, Eating right is very essential and the first step to go ahead with after week-long vacation. With so many delicious dishes coming your way, it is almost impossible to control the temptation.

Start slowly and don’t immediately get on to a tough diet. You may not be able to control the urge for junk food. Start simple and make it interesting by having a balanced meal.

Breakfast can do with some light Diwali snacks and for lunch, have a normal meal with salads. For an evening snack, go with milk, fruit or dry fruits and for dinner a protein overload.

After following this for a week you can slowly make changes in your meals and shift to a hardcore fitness regime.

Speaking about exercise, Nair says, “getting back to a strenuous work out is difficult. One should start with cycling, skipping, running and walking on a daily basis moving to cardio rather than weights.

One more very essential thing in weight loss and gain is sleep, disturbance in sleep patterns lead to hormonal imbalance which may lead to weight gain, Kavita added.

Fitness should be the priority and exercise shouldn’t be skipped even during the vacations, says Sushant Rajput.

Not having a regular diet is fine, but exercise shouldn’t be missed. And the best workout is whatever suits you, be it a brisk walk for 10 mins, jogging or quick climbing of stairs.

It is difficult to start directly with weight training and hence start with cardio and floor based exercise like, leg raises, mat-based pilates, abs. Once you get used to a regime for over a week you can move to weight training.

Include Suryanamaskar into your daily fitness regime to tone specific parts of the body, Sushant added.

Diwali snacks are hard to resist and with the winters approaching an individual is bound to feel hungry. It becomes difficult to control the craving and am sure of putting on at least 5 kg this vacation, says Shreyas Jaiswal, hairstylist.

Weight can be shed in few months; the tasty delicacies you get to taste during this vacation is certainly worth it, Shreyas added.

Kadambari Patane, techie and fitness enthusiast says, “ My protein intake is the same in my diet which keeps me fuller for longer so munching on junk food is controlled.

Whether you are on holiday or not, carbohydrates should be controlled and consumed only till the afternoon

Weight fluctuations can be managed if the food that you consume is in the right proportion, Kadambari added.


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