PMC Talks Tough On Civic Offenders -Get Fined And Clean Up Too

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In an attempt to have Pune internalise the need for greater cleanliness and civic sense, the civic body has kicked off a novel drive to curb the spitting menace on our city roads.

This move has been applauded by citizens from across the country who see this method of punishment apt for civic offenders. Informed citizens believe that such initiatives must be used even to curb traffic offences in the city.

Dnyaneshwar MolakSpeaking to Pune365 Dynaeshwar Molak, Joint commissioner of PMC said, ” The drive was started from 2nd November in all the 16 ward offices in Pune.

As on date, our department has fined 379 people and collected a fine of 44,000. This drive was started with an aim to make Pune cleaner and healthier.

The objective behind the punishment is to shame the offender by having them clean their own spit. This way, they will think twice before repeating this.

PMC's Anti-Spitting Drive
Punished citizens cleaning up after spitting on Pune streets

“In a cleanliness survey Pune was at the 10th position and now we are aiming to be right at the top and the latest drive is one of the steps we have taken.”Our department officials are deployed at traffic signals and premises of government offices, adds Molak.

PMC's Anti-Spitting Drive

Along with this, the PMC team is also penalising citizens who are found littering and throwing garbage- they are fined Rs 180 and are also made to pick up their garbage.

If people are found urinating and defecating in open spaces, they will be fined Rs 200 and will have to clean up on their own. the fines are a directive of the state government under the Swachh Maharashtra drive.

When asked about the consistency of such drives, Molak said,  “Currently the action is being taken on a pilot basis essentially to create enough awareness among people.

After this phase, “The department will decide one day in a week for each ward and carry forward this drive till the streets of Pune are clean and spit-free, he added.

Johnny Desa, Software professional says “This initiative is a much-needed initiative for the citizens.

Most of us were fed up with this menace and such irresponsible civic behaviour in Pune.

Another important aspect is traffic violations in the city. As per their new drive, they’re counselled to follow traffic rules which is not going to help much. Instead they should be given a broom in the hand and made to clean the entire stretch of the road, Desa adds.

Aishwarya Kalokhe, Civil Engineer says, “This is what was much needed in the city. It is time that we not just educate people, but make them go through such embarrassing punishments to ensure they do not repeat their mistakes.

Most people wouldn’t want to face this embarrassing situation, the spitting menace will get controlled to a greater extent.

More than spitting, garbage is something that we need to pay more and more attention too. Citizens need to understand the dangerous implications of this menace. Schools and colleges should have a compulsory subject on public administration for a cleaner country, Aishwarya added.



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