#PhotoStory – This Is One Bazaar You Must Visit!

Juna Bazaar 2018


Juna Bazar, also affectionally called the ‘Thieves Market’ is located at the Maldhaka Chowk near Pune Railway Station and is best known for its vast collection of antiques and used products. 

The range is considered wide enough to house everything from a humble pin to a grand piano and attracts aficionados and crowds coming in for a good deal.

The specialty of this unique market is its collector items and antiques that range from bronze statues, ancient coins. vintage camera’s, old typewriters, grandfather clocks, wooden statues and much more.

If this is just up your street, then Juna Bazaar is the place you ought to be visiting! 

Here’s what we found yesterday:

Gramaphone - Juna Bazaar, Pune

Gramophones: The unassuming shop in the center of Juna Bazaar is marked by golden gramophones and casually suspended vinyl discs moving gently with the breeze.This tiny shop is crammed with thousands of old records, radio sets, gramophone players and other music memorabilia.

“We sell all kinds of vintage records, right from Bollywood film music to western classical and LPs in regional languages,” says Islam Bhai as he shows off the dusty jackets of the records from Hindi movies of the 1960s and 70s.

AntiqueTelephone - Juna Bazaar, Pune


Telephones: In an age where sleek and slim is the trend, these bulky wooden boxes still hold their own charm, reminding us of the excitement of owning antiques and preserving their charm.


Lamp - Juna Bazaar, Pune


Lamps: An amazing array of old antique lamps, all in a usable condition along with some unusual candle holders you can get only here.


Antique Lock - Juna Bazaar, Pune


Locks : A wide variety of locks used by the British and Maratha era are found in the market. It is a huge attraction for people, and quite fascinating to see locks in the shape of lions, fish and depicting Buddha, all of which you will get here.


Currency Notes - Juna Bazaar, Pune

Coins and Notes: A unique shop is located in the middle of the market which is owned by Munshi. This dealer has currency from different parts of the world Including ancient the currency of India. Along with this he also has a collection of old portraits and lithographs of freedom fighters and religious figures.

#Photographs: Pune365 Exclusive

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