When The Milkshake Gets Freaky, Life Happens!

Freak Shakes
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Milkshakes are a popular favourite with all age groups, but F-reakshakes are a whole different ball-game.

Loaded with chocolates, brownies, sprinkles and a variety of other confectionery, this is like an evolved milkshake that will satiate you dessert craving to the fullest.

Though a little heavy on the wallet, freakshakes are definitely worth every penny, if you have a sweet tooth!

Here is a list of some of the best Freakshakes in Pune!

Salted Fruitilla

Salted Fruitilla

Everyone loves caramel and strawberries. The two of them blended into the same food might be unimaginable, but Cafe Mestizo brings you the Salted Fruitilla.

A unique blend of caramel and strawberry freakshake!

Where: Cafe Mestizo, Viman Nagar

Price: Rs. 290


Candie Overload

Chocolate Candle

All your favourite candy melded into one explosive drink!

The Candie Overload is true to it’s name.

Decorated with chocolate buttercream and chocolate sprinklers, this freakshake tastes like peanut butter and Dairy milk shots.

Add to this a tiny bit of snickers and a drizzle of chocolate sauce, this is every dessert nerd’s dream.

Where: Oh Freak!, FC Road

Price: Rs. 350

Like a Velvet

Red Velvet

An intense version of the red velvet shake, Like a Velvet is a blend of vanilla shake and the infamous red velvet cake.

Topped with chunks of Oreos and whipped cream, this freak shake would prove to be a great treat!

Where: The Creamery, Salunkhe Vihar Road

Price : Rs. 350



Salted Pretzel and Caramel Freakshake

Salted Pretzel Caramel

A pretzel sat atop a whipped cream floating in a shake loaded with caramel.

It simply cannot get better than that!

Where: Coffee Republic, Law College Road

Price: Rs. 350




Thandai Freakshake

Thandai Freakshake

Have an inclination towards desi flavours? Fear not for there exists a thandai freak shake too!

With whipped cream and rasmalai, this is blended with vanilla ice cream, almonds and a generous quantity of the thandai syrup.

Where: Memory Garden, NDA Road Bavdhan

Price: Rs. 250



#All images used for representation only. Prices are only indicative and readers are advised to confirm rates with the individual outlets before ordering. 

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