Meet Sasha, The Lovely Fawn Girl At The Kulkarni’s

Sasha With Her Favourite Toys


When she walks in, her smiling countenance can’t be overlooked and do what you want, try as you may, you cant escape the wagging tail that Sasha the eight year old fawn Labrador Retriever brings with her.

The Bright Spark:

And then she talks, oh yes she does. She barks, she uses her eyes and her human family cant help but listen, for she is the only girl in the Kulkarni family – parents Sama and Dinesh and sons Arnav and Rohan.

She is obsessed with balls (they have so many balls collected by her from the society which were lost by children playing cricket), playing football because of Rohan, she enjoys her sleep, likes people to play with her along with her various squeaky and soft toys (and gives them choices too), loves to accompany her family wherever they go-she is least bothered as to where.

Mother Sama, a Hindustani classical vocalist says, “She tells me what she wants and I listen. And when I want her to do something, she listens.”

The Drama Queen

That “listening” doesnt work when Sama has to go out.”When my sons and husband go out, she complain. But when I leave the house without her, the drama queen makes me feel so guilty,” laughs Sama as Sasha turns to her favourite human.

Sama believes that nobody can love you more than your dog does and Sasha shows us just that when we return home whether it is after a few minutes, hours or days. “She hops and skips wagging her tail vigorously showing her ultimate happiness on seeing us.” The welcome for Sama is different if she is out for a couple of days.

“Sasha barks in a very different way, stamping her feet and communicating her anger at my having left her plus conveying complaints of the other family members who took care of her! Then after I soothe her she starts hopping and skipping with glee! She does not allow anybody to talk to me,” says Sama making another new bow for her bow wow!

The Routine:

Sasha swimming with her Rohan Dada and Baba

Her routine includes her walks and football in the evenings. Occasionally, we take her swimming outdoors -she took to water like a fish as a puppy – and to walk on the tekdi.

Her favourite part of the day is listening to Sama do her riyaaz.”Im sure it is therapeutic for her as she goes into a deep sleep,” smiles Sama.


Her Characteristics:

Sasha is extremely loving, patient, obedient, sensitive, always happy, quiet and actually communicates like a human. She understands Marathi very well. With zero aggression, she is rightly called Sant Sasha at home.

So angelic is she that she never does anything to annoy mom who considers her baby a spiritual soul!


* Only if the woman in the house is in love with dogs should you get one. Not out of children’s’ or husband’s insistence; children take little care initially and the the job is left to the woman of the house.

* Only if you can treat the dog as your CHILD should you get him(it) home. Do not get a pup home if you want a PET!

* Dogs are very loyal, loving and sensitive animals. They go through a lot of trauma in case you return them, give them away or abandon them! You have no right to do this! It is a lifelong commitment of love.

* They never grow up! They are perpetual babies.

* Try to avoid employing a person to walk, bathe, and entertain your dog. Be the one to do these chores as you will create priceless memories…

* Everyone grows old. So will the dog. Be with them most when they need you. Take good care and give a lot of love.


It helped that Sama brought up Sasha like her child. “I have treated Sasha since she was a pup same just like I treated or handled my sons.

She is not our PET, she is our CHILD! That is the difference. I spoke to her and she learnt Marathi as my sons. I did not give birth to her but that is the only difference, I am her Aai (mom in Marathi)!

I do everything myself with Sasha like taking her for walks, giving her a bath, giving her food, cleaning her paws every time she comes home as she sleeps on our bed with our blanket and cushions etc.

I have never felt dirty doing anything for her including her pregnancy.”

Waiting to be called to play Football

Growing up:

Brought home as a two month old, sama remembers, “She happily jumped into my arms, cuddling and never looked back! It was as if she was meant to be with us!” Sasha became an international traveller when as a nine month old, her humans moved to Indonesia.

“People ask me why we incurred such huge costs of getting her out of India and then back!

Sasha is my child then how could I have left her?” And we believe it as we see the girl settle by mom with her head in her lap!



Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan