#MeToo: We Can Do Without This ‘Harmless’ Behaviour At Work

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As a welcome consequence of the #metoo movement, several corporates have reported significantly lower complaints of sexual harassment at the workplace.  

Many women have taken the courage to speak their hearts on these incidents and in the process made it apparent that these incidents will not go unreported in the future.

However, city working professionals speaking to Pune365 remarked that issues of suggestive behaviour continued at offices and was often passed off as harmless… 

Look at my eyes and talk to me. There is no need to stare at my breasts while conversing with me, says Manjari Makhija, Java developer.

Also, I know I am a hard working woman so there is no need to pat me on my back each time. A workplace is a place for you to act professional. You are there to focus on your career and not on girls, so behave well.

Office colleagues can be friends but you have to be careful to separate the social and professional space, she added.

Abhishek Velhal, an Investment advisor, says, If guys are given a list of dont’s the woman should be too. There is no need to touch us while talking to us.

Moreover, we don’t want to listen to your boyfriend’s drama, so don’t share your stories with us. Also if you want to talk to us, be straight. There is no need to stare constantly or follow us to the cafeteria or parking.

Asking a woman out is an offence under the sexual harassment at the workplace act. Just because I have a friendly nature doesn’t give you license to assume that I am easily available. I Am not!  shares Shruti Pawar, a Marketing executive.

So, if I say I am not interested in having a cup of coffee with you, it means I am not!. There are thousands of apps where you can meet or date women and the office is just not the right place to make an attempt.

Moreover, after hearing the No, don’t keep asking me out, it won’t make me change my answer but you’ll surely be called the creepy one for the girl gang, Shruti added.

I pay for my own clothes and wear what I think looks good on me, therefore, your compliments are not needed, quips Pragati Gada, Softskills Manager. The moment my colleague comments on my dress, it makes me uncomfortable and am other women feel the same too.

The way you compliment best describes your view on the women working around you and complementing a woman may sound good to you, but not to others. So when in the office or outside with office colleagues, unless she is a friend, keep it professional and keep the conversation limited, Pragati adds.

You may think jokes are harmless, or that it helps get your colleagues out of the work zone but, seriously avoid this!. These sex ridden jokes aren’t funny at all. They are offensive and make us feel unsafe in the office, shares Vidhya Jog, a Financial advisor.


#All views reflected in this article are those of the respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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