When The Love Of Your Life Works With You

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It is fairly normal to develop a unique bond with your colleagues at work, given the time you spend together, be it the quintessential office gossip, or just the boss bashing over coffee.

Some swear by the perks of having someone to vent out their work pressure and enjoy the in-house support system, while a few others seem to find it tricky…

Here is what couples at Pune’s workplaces told us:

Rashmi Kumar, employ at visa office says, “I met my boyfriend at work. So, he and I were co-workers before dating. We figured out the mechanics of it long ago. First rule is no office rendezvous.

We keep our relationship a secret and maintain different friend circles at office so there is no interference from either party. We also find it tough at times to stay away from each other,” she says, blushing all the way.

“I sometimes find it a tad uncomfortable working with my fiancé in the same floor,” shares Faheem Shahi, content writer at a social media company. “Although we work in different departments, yet, her presence makes me conscious. We both are head strong when it comes to giving opinions.

After returning from office, we often end up having long telephonic conversations just to manipulate each other to prove the other one has a valid argument, and that often leads to a heated debate.

But at times when you are not having a good day at work, you will always have someone to cheer you up.

She also helps me with my copy when I don’t feel like writing,” he giggles.

Tina Varma, Director at Krish Productions feels that it’s much easier working together with her husband. “We have been working together since 1996, earlier with an english daily and now doing business together. We are still partners in business and work in the same office.

We focus on our strengths and help each other’s weakness,” she adds.

“I have been working at this place since the past 4 years now and he recently joined. My uber casual relationship with my colleagues is what he cannot handle,” shares Pratishtha Manik, an HR.

He is not so outspoken with others which is what keeps him away from the social lot. While I am the centre of the lot, he feels left out.

I do try being with him at office outings or so, but his insecurities bother me. He keeps giving other colleagues hints about how we are together yet, he wants to keep a distance between our professional and personal lives. His presence 24×7 bothers me know,” she admits.

“I haven’t felt anything of that sorts yet as we keep it professional at the work place,” opines, Harpreet Singh, a CA in a corporate.

We try to maintain a colleague relationship when we are with our other colleagues. Also, we have our separate group of friends with whom we go for dinner and party and we try to keep it that way and maintain a neutral relationship.

All in all, it’s an innate understanding that we keep the things as they were, before we got engaged as far as our office is concerned.” she signs off.


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