Why Pune’s Youth Don’t Believe In Reading Books

Pune Youth and Reading
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Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience, this is the ideal life” says Mark Twain.

The reading habit among the youth in city has witnessed a  fall over the years and today it is a matter of great concern  since this habit is going downhill rapidly.

The younger generation, particularly the student community do not get engrossed in a book any longer…

“We have a technology boom now available to our generation now. We prefer to spend time with technology rather than reading a good book,” says Siddharth Shirke, Student.

In the time needed to complete a book, I can watch an entire series or videos related to my interest and gain knowledge. Nowadays shortcuts are available for everything, I would certainly not waste my time in reading a book of 200 pages.” He adds.

“Our generation or the older generations in city were blessed with the intellectual instincts which they got only from reading good books by famous writers,” says Varsha Chauhan, Librarian

“This is how you accumulate intellect in your growth. But unfortunately this culture is witnessing a setback among the younger generation. With such varied options to seek a leisure pursuit, the youngsters feel reading book is nothing but a waste of time.” She adds.

“It is not that youth are not acquiring knowledge, but we prefer browsing internet instead of reading books” says Trishali Iyer, Student.

“In fact the audio-visual presentation method is more effective and the printed word is gradually losing their charm for most of us,” she adds.

It is not that we don’t read, we have many different sources available to gain knowledge, says  Anand Bhujang, Student.

Although I know it is very important to read, as it also helps develop your vocabulary and imagination ability. we seek for more immediate solutions instead of pursuing long time ones.

“Why read a book when you can watch a movie?” says Aniket Shinde, Student.

“I like movies because they are more enjoyable and they do not take as much time. And you can see the movies with your friends.

And it is a lot easier to visualize. They are just better. They are also a lot cheaper than books. Books can be very expensive.” He adds.


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