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There was a time when starting a business meant raining large capital and resources, besides the round-the-clock attention it called for…

It used to be a stereotype that students were lazy and didn’t do anything but there are now more students working to earn money than ever before. As you can see on erfolgreich-online-geld-verdienen.com, there are lots of ways a student can earn money for themselves, and interestingly, Pune’s youth seem to also be breaking this convention and carving their niche for on the business horizon.

Students are spending their spare time to launch successful business ventures, utilizing their weekends to earn some quick money. What makes it even more fascinating, is the tact with which these projects are run, and the dedication they are putting into these ventures to make them successful.

Students seem to have the courage and determination to create successful businesses these days. Some have created websites and have started selling products online, making themselves some money. However, others have been motivated by a gap in the market that students have noticed or experienced for themselves. If any other students are looking to follow in the footsteps of some of these young entrepreneurs, they might want to consider doing some research so they know exactly where they’re going to make their website for example. Making a business website is essential these days, so it’s important that more people spend time creating the best website that they can. This will represent the business, so it’s crucial that the website operates correctly and looks professional. Additionally, business owners might also be interested in this samcart review if they’re looking to sell products from their website. Young business owners are the future, it’s important they get a head start now.

Learning Potato

While powerful ideas are easy to chance upon, turning them into concrete reality is a lot tougher. Utkarsh Jain and Mayuresh Deshmukh came together to establish their business and founded Learning Potato.

“The basic premise that education should not be limited to schools and colleges and every Individual should have an equal right to learn, was the foundation on which this new venture was started,” says Mayuresh Deshmukh, MBA student and Co-Founder of learning Potato.

Learning Potato

Learning Potato Education Pvt. Ltd. is a Company dedicated to catering the needs of students in every walk of the Indian Education System. It provides one-to-one tutoring to the students, who find it difficult to learn and grow in a classroom full of students.

It helps provide in-depth knowledge and guidance through home tutoring, in and around Pune district. And they hope to expanding to multiple cities in the coming years.

My students are my biggest motivation, their urge to achieve great heights has always kept the team going”, he adds.

Swati’s Beauty Salon & Spa

Swati's Beauty Salon & Spa“I was unsure about Mechanical engineering therefore I turned my hobby in too a business venture,” says Shreeya Churi, third year BE mechanical student and founder of Swati’s Beauty Salon & Spa.

She is also identified as nail technician for her mainstream designs. Though Shreeya’s mom is a Make-up artist, she pursued an independent path without seed funding from her family.Exposures and advice from mentor professors gave her more creative ideas.

“My parents have always been my pillar of support and having them here by my side has only brought me more strength and joy,” she adds.

Knight Motion Media LLP

“Being an entrepreneur is tough and one’s task is magnified when there is a hugh degree of expectation both within, and outside the organization”, says Abhijit Pawar, Founder and an MBA student.

Abhijit Pawar, Rupesh Kolte and Vyanteshwar Patekar met as classmates at Pumba (Pune University) and developed an interested for consulting in marketing strategy for startups.

Knight Motion Media offers a wide range of services that include, online and offline advertising, motion graphic designs, video advertising and services that are essential for advertising.

Knight Motion Media LLP

Knight Motion Media has enriched it’s advertising capabilities with inclusion of consultation, thus amplifying its overall approach towards business. Consultation services includes Strategic Planning, Market research, Branding/Rebranding and digital marketing

“The backbone of Knight Motion Media is the integrated creative and management teams. We call it Integration to Perfection,” he adds.


“Everything around me is a source of inspiration for my work,” says Niket Gupta Founder of Ideaddunes and an MBA student. He believes that each struggle he has faced, has been a learning experience that he values greatly in his journey.

Ideadunes provides a platform to run a business or enterprise across multiple industries by offering services in Project Management, Recruitment, Real estate and E-commerce. This is all delivered effectively once from their centralized system using the robust and scalable Ideadunes platform.

It integrates with the key areas of your business model so you can manage multiple business operations and support process.

Student entrepreneurs of the city are certainly gearing to get firm inroads in the world of business. These young entrepreneurs’ are today becoming great motivators for their peers who look upto them.

Their lucrative business plans coupled with their impeccable management of time and resources is certainly making them get noticed…

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