Why Isn’t Teaching A Profession Of Choice Anymore ?



Ramya, an engineer from one of the premier institutions of the country, was busy shuttling between her house and office. There were days when she regretted her choice of profession. She was an electronics engineer and was employed in a MNC. Six months later, she found herself happily singing and dancing with tiny tots. She has become a teacher and is now pursuing an international Montessori course to complement her choice of profession.

Devi, an architect finds her love in honing the drawing skills of students instead of making sketches herself. She might not be earning a lot but she vouches for her happiness after the shift.

I was surprised that the decision of these two girls is making me happy. It is but a negligible minority!!! A cup of coffee added fuel to my thinking process. Is the next generation really going to be fortunate enough to get passionate and dedicated ‘human’ teachers? Are we moving more towards digital classrooms or rather ‘digital’ teachers?
Will ‘chalk and talk’ still be relevant after a couple of years? Why aren’t boys opting for this profession?

Being raised by a school teacher (my mother), it is only fair that I love this profession. Every time I get the opportunity to meet students, I would talk to them about their dreams and aspirations. One out of 10 would say they ‘may ‘consider teaching as their career
choice.  For many that option does not even exist.

A lot has been said about why teaching is not considered as a career option. Lack of attractive remuneration, limited scope to grow, heavy workload, lack of attractive perks, societal and peer pressure…may be some of the reasons. I see them as excuses.

A volley of questions came gushing to me… Have we (people born in 70s and 80s) failed to teach a whole generation, the importance of teachers? Has the quality of the profession deteriorated so much that not many are opting for it? Have we become so confident about the internet in our hands that we are belittling the experience gained by elders? Have we moved away from days when teachers were respected next to God? If we really respected and adored them then why are we not choosing it as our profession?

A report that I read recently made me feel better. A Class 3 English teacher at a school in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram town has given a massive makeover to her classroom.
Ms. Annapurna Mohan did not wait for help, either from the government or from others. She sold her own jewellery to meet the expense for transforming her classroom. Interactive smart board, piles of English books and comfortable furniture adore the classroom of this Panchayat Union Primary School.

Happy and inspired, I promised that I would do my bit for the education sector in the country. I told myself that I would create awareness amongst students that teaching is not definitely an option for losers. It is not a stop-gap arrangement either.

Our country needs dedicated and knowledgeable teachers who are open to upgrading their skills. They should be ready to couple their teaching skill set with technology for the betterment of the society and country…

I have made up my mind for this cause……..what about you?

Preetha Kadhir

Preetha Kadhir

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