For Me, Pune Is Sheer Paradise!

Photo: Sanket Wankhede

It has been a year and a quick one indeed! What have I learnt from my stay in Pune. Quite a lot, to be frank. The geographical location of the place lends itself to different seasons all through the year which was a welcome change for one coming from Chennai. We are used to just three variations of hot weather! 

I was instantly connected to Pune, may be because of its strong resemblance to Bangalore. I grew up in Bangalore and it remains so for me, not Bengaluru. 

I started slowly getting used to the words like ‘society’ and ‘tiffin’. Back home, the words ‘apartments’ and ‘lunch boxes’ are used instead. I live in the outskirts of the city and it is certainly spaced-out. Traffic snarls which people complain about, have not really bothered me. 

If there is one thing I like about Pune the most, it is the people’s care for environment. This is the need of the hour. Waste segregation at home is the first step towards that. After having witnessed first-hand, December 2015 floods and December 2016 Vardah cyclone in Chennai, this appeals to me more. 

Any place that goes that extra mile to be eco-friendly will certainly be spared from the vagaries of nature. A lesson hard learnt. I certainly want not just my state but the whole of India to strictly follow waste management. 

The wet waste is used as compost for plants. The love to grow plants is there in every other person in Pune. The discipline in people to not litter the city roads need special mention. 

Flipping through the papers, the stories about concerned citizens going to the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to protect the trees in their neighbourhood actually makes me very proud. Societies(me too!) go out of the way to do their bit for environment protection. Rain-water harvesting is done and solar panels are fitted. Plastic bags are not used by a majority of people. This really surprises me! How come everyone brings their own bags for shopping?I am able to see my family members get into this fold too and I am happy! 

Pune is a historian’s delight, a foodie’s paradise and a patriot’s pride. Heard a few people say that Pune is losing its sheen and will transform into another Bangalore soon, thanks to the IT boom here too.

No, it won’t. As along as there are people who leave no stone unturned to protect trees and green patches, Pune will always remain a paradise! 


Preetha Kadhir

Preetha Kadhir

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