Are Pune Salaries Truly Higher Than Mumbai And NCR?

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A recent report published by Randstad Insights (the research and analysis division of Randstad India, a leading HR service provider) presented interesting statistics on salaries earned in top Indian cities, led by Bangalore.

Professionals in Bengaluru are apparently the highest-paid with an average annual Cost to Company (CTC) across all levels and functions at Rs 10.8 lakh. Bangalore is closely followed by Pune at Rs 10.3 lakh, NCR (National Capital Region) at Rs 9.9 lakh and Mumbai at Rs 9.2 lakh.

Professionals from the pharma and healthcare industries are among those paid the highest in India, followed by consumer goods, IT sector, infrastructure, real estate, and construction.

The study by Randstad also indicated that individuals who were in the 6-10 year experience bracket were paid the highest salaries in their company.


CTC (in Rs)
Bengaluru 10.8 lakh 1
Pune 10.3 lakh 2
Delhi-NCR 9.9 lakh 3
Mumbai 9.2 lakh 4
Chennai 8.0 lakh 5
Hyderabad 7.9 lakh 6
Kolkatta 7.2 lakh 7
Data source: Randstad Insights


Pune365 spoke to a cross-section of Puneites to gauge their pulse on this interesting revelation on the city’s employment scenario.

“If it is entirely about the income, then I think people in Pune are paid quite well in the content sphere,” says Prarthana Pandit, copy writer.

I have worked in Delhi and Mumbai and comparing the pay scales, I think I get paid more in Pune. But on the other hand, Pune is expensive too when it comes to cost of living.

“Right from the accommodation to food and even shopping, it costs quite a lot here. At the end of the day, it all adds up to what I would have saved back in Delhi in comparison to living here,” she adds.

Karan Agarwal, Director/Founder, Entrepreneurs Castle quotes, “Generally, there is a lot of confusion amongst the youth on which stream to adopt for a career.

“Lack of knowledge and commitment for higher studies and specialisations has also affected the growth and earning possibilities of candidates. Furthermore, only experienced people are getting higher packages. All the rest believe that, it is easy to survive in a job.

Pune might be the city which is ranked 2nd in terms of high packages but a study should also be done on how many people are unemployed at the same time, adds Agarwal.

Reasoning the argument, Daaud Khan, a Sales Manager says, “The reason why Bengaluru ranked 1st is because the cost of living is damn high.

To meet the cost of living, obviously the salary needs to be high, or else the employees will switch and there will be a high level of attrition.

“An average MBA-graduate starts at around 3.5 lakhs/annum, yet they are unable to save much. What finally matters, is what you can save after all your expenses,” he adds.

“It is only certain sectors that are paid more in comparison to other cities,” says Manasvi, a dietitian.

“For someone in the healthcare sector and employed with a leading private hospital, I am paid a pittance and even lower than what I would have earned at a clinic in Mumbai. This disparity is not small by any standards!”


#All views expressed in this column are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 

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