Indulge with Kiran : Lemon Tart, The Underrated Pastry

The Lemon Tart


For some strange reason I am a bit off desserts. But there is always room for a perfect lemon tart. Saying this, I’ve always wanted to know how to make my own! I’ve even started looking into a 5-month bakery and patisserie course, as learning how to make the perfect lemon tart is something I need to tick off my list. Does this even qualify as dessert I wonder? I’m sure it doe. The utterly butterly crumbly tart and the lemony curd filling. Perfect with an espresso.

If the tart is too dense then it tastes like mud in the mouth. It happens if the pastry chef decides to be stingy on the butter. The lemon curd also needs to have the right amount of tartness and colour. Should be a nice yellow. Too bright it looks artificial and too pale it does not look appetising. See ,not so easy to tart up after all.

When you bite into one it should be just right. A blend of buttery goodness and velvety lime. Go figure. The lemon tart must have definitely originated in France since it is also called tarte au citron. So I am of course assuming that like all good things, this must have been an accident by a pastry chef. Today, you get so many variations of a tart. It is filled with chocolate ganache or even fresh cream and fruit like strawberry, blueberry, raspberries etc. I assume once the tart is made, you can fill it with whatever catches your fancy.

In Pune I remember having a very good lemon tart in Bakers Basket. Other places you can get good lemon tart are the usual suspects.

The 5 star hotel patisserie section….
Westin makes a good one so does PBC. Other Patisseries to try are:
The Flourworks and of course The French Window also stock it. London Muffin makes a heavenly lemon curd bun. This is a must try.

Try the lemon tart when you are off desserts…!

Be warned that it has probably the same number of calories as any other dessert.

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Kiran Bhat

Kiran Bhat

Kiran Bhat, founder and CMD of Xebec Communications, is a desserts and chocolate aficionado
Kiran Bhat