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Chocolate topped Profiteroles


French, Greek, Spanish, Belgian makes the cut for me when it comes to desserts. I don’t like my desserts too sweet or rich; So, this week I bring to you my readers, a delectable little item, The Profiterole or its close cousin ‘The Choux Pastry‘ . it’s also known as an eclair at some Pattisseries. Made of butter and flour, baked, and filled with heavenly vanilla cream or chcolate cream and finally drizzled with caramel, this one is truly the food of the gods..Ooh la la !

In India, we used to get very decent chocolate eclairs years ago. I remember having a very good one at a rather famous bakery in Secunderabad, Universal. Yes, travel and exotic food pretty much go hand in hand and what is travel if you can’t find these little gems tucked away in city corners.

Anyway, coming back to this pastry with multiple names, the Choux Pastry lends itself to many variations. In the newly opened Boteco in Pune, it comes filled with vanilla ice cream drizzled with pouring consistency chcolate sauce and is called a Profiterole.


At French Window it comes in 2 variants. One with Vanilla cream and another with chocolate, all piled high and served on a platter. Here it’s called Choux pastry.

Forrente makes them in a couple of variants too.

This little exotic wonder comes in 2-3 shapes; A longiish one which looks like a hot dog and the rounder version which is available in the chic pattiseries. At time you find them in the ubiquitous buffets at 5 star hotels, where the only decent thing to eat is dessert. Some small Irani bakeries stock it too! Whatever the name, the Choux Pastry is a small perfect bite, if you ahem ahem, restrict yourself to only one !


Till the next time then, Have a wonderful Christmas my readers !

Kiran Bhat

Kiran Bhat

Kiran Bhat, founder and CMD of Xebec Communications, is a desserts and chocolate aficionado
Kiran Bhat