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Rahel Shekatkar
Rahel Shekatkar

This 21 year old musician was barely seven, when she first discovered her interest for music. She pursued this love for music with passion and expanded her range without boundaries. She started by taking lessons in Indian classical music and later turned her attention to western music.

Meet Rahel Shekatkar a pune based 21 year old musician, who was recently awarded with a certificate in music by the Trinity College, UK.

A student of Rosary High School, Rahel has given vocal exams in western classical opera, musicals, rock and pop at the Trinity College. Today, she successfully runs a music academy with over 120 students.

We spoke to Rahel to get to know about her and her passion for music:

When Did Your Interest In Music First Start?

I was always interested in music. My grandfather and great grandfather were into music.

As a child, I used to go to the church and sing in the choirs. I also started participating in schools functions.

One day we went to a friend’s house where some kids were playing music, when the idea to pursue a career in music came about. My father then took me to a music teacher, Veera Poonawala, who said that I could build on a career in music, with the right advice.

What Made You Pursue A Degree In Music? And Why Trinity College ?

I thank my mentor Lancylot D’Souza for this move. She was the one who suggested that a music degree, especially from Trinity, would be of great value. If he hadn’t advised me, I would have been probably be doing Bollywood or English songs at functions. Trinity College is one of the best music schools in the world. It holds value in the world of music.

How Important Are These Certification To You Personally And For Your Career?

For me it is very important as a musician in Pune. I can use myself as an example for other students who have interest in music, but are discouraged by their parents. Music can offer great opportunities as a career, if you have the talent. I like to help musically inclined students to tap their potential and make a career for themselves in music.

How Many Different Instruments Can You Play And What Is Your Favorite Instrument?

The Violin is my favorite music instrument though, I started with the piano. Then on my father’s advice I took to drums. I can play the guitar, harmonium, keyboard and flute as well. I remember when I first began learning keyboard I always checked out websites like Blue Buzz Music to learn about the different keyboards on the market. I then decided to save up some money and buy one. It was one of the best things I ever bought! I also find it really fun to use all the equipment like a Graham Slee HiFi system that can really help to improve the sound quality of a performance.

Who Is Your Favorite Artiste?

Christina Aguilera is my favorite singer along with opera singer Anna Netrebko. In Indian classical, it is Pandit Rajkumar Barshikar who is my teacher for classical music. Shreya Ghoshal is my favourite in Bollywood.

Would You Recommend Other Music Or Performing Arts Student To Study Abroad?

There are very few opportunities for Western classical in our country. I would advice those who are serious about their music, to go abroad and expand their vision and horizon.

Your Personal Goals ?

I want to keep performing for as long as I can. I also want to set up more music schools in Pune and help as many aspiring musicians as I can, in the city.


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