Pune Has Some Really Weird Superstitions

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There are people who swear by them and several others who don’t. Yet, no one really bothers to check on their veracity, but they exist and in plenty!

One seriously wonders if the cat crossing our path did really mean a bad omen, or if the lemons and chillies hanging outside your door indeed, helped remedy all this..

We decided to check anyway and spoke to a few Puneites on their unusual superstitious beliefs and here is what we got as reactions :

Whenever I Drink, I sprinkle some drops of liquor on the floor. Its believed that one should offer it to mother earth first, says Mahesh Natikr.

– And that cheers will turn your whiskey sweeter maybe says, Raj Arora

If a cat crosses my path I take 12 steps back and then pass that way. This cuts the cats path too and the bad luck is then gone, says Apoorva Tiwari.

–  And if the cat crosses the path of a few more, everybody around will end up doing slow motion moonwalk says, Vandana Srivastava.

Boys should not go for a haircut on Mondays and Saturdays says, Gautam Patel.

– But what if you get 80 percent discount only on those days in the city’s best salon?

Whenever a glass breaks, it brings good luck for me says, Tejaswani Kharade

–  Restaurants can never go bust by that logic, says Avinash Jain.

I wear a particular shirt for all my interviews and important events. It’s my lucky shirt and I never got rejected after wearing that says, Juhi Bhardwaj

–  I wish congress had this shirt too says, Shreya Naik.

We don’t eat food or any eatables near the banks of a river as that attracts ghosts says, Ankita Rao.

– What if you take a share of contribution from the ghosts too.

Salt, if spilled on the floor causes fights, says Manduri Nayak.

– The wrestling grounds must have been so salty.

Men fasting on Saturdays are blessed with a pretty wife says, Manoj Satpal

– I dont know, but a weekend without food will surely wont give her a good husband says, Pritam Sharma

I don’t pay or lend money at the time of sunset as it signifies loss says, Moshin Chawhan

– I have been doing this forever and maybe this can be the cause of my recent losses says, Sunil Mukerjee.



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