Another New Year, Greater Hope And Stronger Resolutions

Happy New Year 2019
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Yet again, it is time for the year end introspection and resolutions that are often than once, postponed or broken…

Interestingly, the age-old tradition of making resolutions for the coming year still exists, say these die-hard Punekars who spoke to Pune365

Himesh ShrivastavHimesh Shrivastav, a Puneite, based in London, shares “It was a different experience celebrating New Year with my family back in India, I do remember the most wonderful celebration was eating homemade Pav Bhaji and some sweets which was Gulab Jamun most of the times. We had this menu for years, if I remember right. This year its gonna be different, we have planned to watch fireworks at Londoneye.”

Yes, I do make resolutions which I follow for a couple of days and then it gets pushed from new year to Holi and then to Ganpati and Navratri and finally to new year again!

One of the funniest resolution experience he shared was how wanted to propose to a girl because he was the only single guy in group of his college-mates, but, she beat him to it and proposed before he could!

Bimalesh KumarBimalesh Kumar spent several years in Pune and moved to to Chicago, couple of years back.

He felt that the temperature of the city is fairly cold so, he has decided to celebrate New year at home. Bimalesh have some resolution for the coming year which includes buying his own house


Harish VyasHarish Vyas Vice president of the Vyom Labs IT farm in the city shared some different thoughts about the New Year and resolutions.

In the past few years back he had made lot of resolutions like to be at the gym for a daily workout, regular studies and many more but last year he resolved to live a medicine free healthy life style and he implemented that.

He says, “Pahile Sukh Nirogi Kaya, Aani Nantar Dusre Sukh Gharat Maya” – first priority to a healthy life and only then earn money. From this New Year, he’s planning to make investments.

Prachi DekhanePrachi Dekhane who is a HR professional in the private sector,  has decided to be more positive, motivated and to inspire.

Prachi said, “ I want to start New Year with more positive vibes and hope to be able to help underprivileged kids.

Last year taught me some important lessons like there is great power in confessing to ourselves, to God and to others.

This year I will celebrate the beginning of the New Year and treat all the negatives of the previous year as lessons I have learnt.”

Muralidar Ramane When we asked Murlidhar Ramane about his New Year plans, he replied, “ Most of the times I celebrate it with my family.

We play games, watch entertainment programmes on TV, have discussions on funny incidents things of the past year, but this year we have planned to view old photos and recollect  memories”.

He believes achievement is a great feeling and irrespective of age or how big or small the achievement is, it must be enjoyed to the fullest.


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