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Dancing to the tune of bone-breaking music, psychedelic lights and huge crowds not what you want this New Year’s Eve?

Our Pune365 readers have shared their quieter plans that just be music to your ears and just the kind that is practical, economical and personal with memories that will last a lifetime.

Sheena, a head-hunter (recruiter), away from home for this New Year’s Eve has decided to bond with her colleagues who, like her are yearning for a family in a strange city.

“A House party is on the cards, but I thought of making it interesting and entertaining. People usually open-up with strangers only after a couple of tequila shots, hence, a crazy beer pong night with home delivered food is the plan!

Staying cosy under a blanket on the terrace and listening to soft music is what I have planned for this year’s party.”

For Zaina, who just shifted to the society, socialising with the society people is the agenda for New year 2019.

“I have organised the entire program for the colony. We decided to have a potluck and binge on food from different regions of the country.

A huge bonfire to keep us warm and a couple of ‘Dhol walas’ are also booked to keep the night groovy. I am also planning to have a game spree of cards and tambola,” Zaina adds.

A late-night scroll around the city followed by star gazing after a house party is what Sandeep Singh, an architect has in mind.

“I asked my friends to send me a list of things they wanted to do this new year and I would plan them at my house.

Among several other things, I narrowed down on getting a tee-totaler friend who can drive everyone across the city after they are smashed. We will also watch the stars from my balcony and hire a candid photographer to capture all the madness in the house.

We also decided to visit the Gurudwara after it opens on 1st and follow it with a hearty breakfast at any of the Irani cafes. I hope everyone will make this work,” Sandeep laughs.

Fairy lights, a glass of fine wine, multi-cuisine dinner and bingeing on old memories is Meghna’s idea of a perfect New Years’ eve.

“I have four of my school mates coming over from different cities who intend to have a peaceful night, hence, I have all the resources ready with an album of old-school photographs and a game of Jenga in place.

“Not everyone will take to the idea of not having loud music around, hence for them, I do have prepped the house with amplifiers and woofers to make them feel like they are at a head banging ‘party’.”

Ayush Agarwal is looking forward to a night dedicated to his favourite, Mohammad Rafi.

“An extensive barbecue spread and tripping on Mohammad Rafi songs sitting along with some filmy geeks- this is my plan for this New Year party,” Ayush shares.


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