Here’s How You Can Deal With Your Momma’s Boy

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You spend days and night planning for a nice romantic date with your man and there comes a call from his mother. The next thing you realise is that he is excusing himself to go and meet her…

Mothers mean the world to everyone, but what if your partner hasn’t been weaned from his mother. And to add to this every single conversation is about how his mother makes the best coffee.

While you may believe that is too late to get them off their mother shadow, Pune’s women have some expert advise that may be of help: 

Smita Mulay, Housewife says, “My husband has a habit of walking up to his mom for every small thing from finding his clothes to discussing our personal problems.”

Despite me having a healthy conversation with him every day on the minutest things, he still knocks his mom’s door and discusses his day.

It is very important to have your parents by your side, but doing so always isn’t a great idea. So, if your partner too is a mamma’s boy, stock up on infinite patience and stop him from consulting his mother too often.

Explain to him the importance of personal space,  and make him realise that he has grown up enough to decide on what he can eat and wear, Smita adds

Am actually blessed that he is a momma’s boy because his mom loves me more than him! says Jenny Gonsalves, Techie.

Within a month, I got to know that he seeks permission for everything from his mom and after a few months of us being together, he finally introduced me to his parents.

From buying a shirt of a specific colour to the brush he uses, everything was decided by his mom. Initially, her interference in relationship irritated me a lot as her wish was his command.

The scenario is completely changed now and I bond well with his mom and place my demands through her, as he never says no to his mom! Jenny adds with a laugh.

The way he gets manipulated on speaking to his mom, makes me question his love for me says Shweta Tawde, Model.

We have been living together for the past 4 years, yet, he still calls his mom after every fight that we have.

I know trying to change his family equation after so many years is stupid, but it is important that somethings stay only between us.

However, dealing with such a partner is like becoming a villain in the story. It is difficult, and more importantly it is annoying too.

As a girl if we are capable of taking our own, then the guys ought to as well. There is no way you can deal with these type of guys. You accept the fact and just move on with your life, Shweta added.

Shreya Tandon, Pet Baker says, “Mamma’s boy is someone who is still in his mother’s shadow and they cant get over it.

It is awful to date a guy like this, but most of our mothers have instilled this in their kids. A guy being possessive about his mother is acceptable, but depending on her completely even when you have a partner is being foolish.

Shreya further added that “There is no escape from this type of mothers in law and every third guy is a momma’s boy. Girls need to act proactively in such situations and build a rapport with the mother and even support her in her decisions, even when she maybe wrong.

Having a good conversation with your partner might help, though often, only if that is in favour of Mummyji.

It is best to make it apparent that the constant calls and discussion with his mom are fine as long as she doesn’t have the final say on what you plan to do.” It is however important to be reasonable with your expectations and not force him to leave his mom or stop visiting her.


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