Work Now, Party Later? Ya Right !

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We are often told that work hard now and you can enjoy later. But every job seeker by now has realised that this is not how it works. Getting into work might earn us decent salaries, but memories of the carefree past haunt us, day after day..

We often get into serious commitments and relationships get prioritised, often resulting in friendships having to take a back seat. Our go-to friends are now colleagues, neighbours, gym buddies and flatmates.

In the quest to have a stable future, investment and savings, the frequent night-outs and ‘over the top’ shopping sprees are no longer priority; romance, parents, deadlines and the rare ‘me’ time with a nice drink at home assumes greater significance.

We talked to a few Puneites who shared their experience as to how their life changed after getting into work..

“The late 20s and early 30s is the phase when there is major change,” opines Harpreet Kalsi (29). “From distancing from friends, to starting your first job, the grind begins.

“When there is no one to restrain you, even your excitement on having your first drink is lost.

The long banter on what the colour of the excreta tells you about your health or how embarrassed you were when your crush saw you digging your nose are now replaced by topics like GST and politics, even after a couple of drinks,” he adds.

Friendship is a relationship to which we commit ourselves, yet, it greatly depends on us to retain it for the rest of our lives. Pointing out this facet of adulthood, Ridhima Yadav (62) shares, “Friends have always had a special meaning in my life and today, they have  become family. Although I have lost contact with most of them, the three musketeers (as we were affectionately called) have been through thick and thin.

“But, this is probably because we work in the same city and take efforts to meet up frequently. I miss my childhood friends, but no one is to be blamed here.

“Life always takes a toll on us and that’s uncontrollable. Who doesn’t want to bitch about everything with their favs on a Saturday night. The thing is to earn well and just go with the flow, because life s***ks if you don’t know how to play the game,” she adds.

“Growing up felt like a gamble to me. Every step taken, was like risking my life,” feels Shambit Apte (36). “From seeking admission in college, to getting into work and then marriage, everything was uncertain.

“No matter how composed, or emotionally strong a person is, he will certainly be nostalgic with old memories of school, college, love and life in itself.

I can still smell the petrichor when I think of our rain soaked football days at college. 

“Nothing today can make me feel as warm. Frankly, I hate being a responsible IT geek. Although, a family, bank balance and luxury made me realise that I have achieved things in life, the early days of going bankrupt in 15 days will remain the best to cherish,” he recalls.


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