Virginity – Does It Still Matter ?

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Seductive Temptress or Virginal Beauty?

Everyone has a type, yet the former is seldom someone you take home-or so believe scores of Indians..

This week, we questioned Pune on the significance of virginity in their minds.

“Think of it like a car. Why would you want one that has already been test driven?” This has been 29-year-old Aniket Kulkarnis approach all along. “However, I recently fell in love with a long-time friend having known about three of her past boyfriends.

I probed her about her past and assured her I would be okay with it, should she own up to it,” he adds explaining that your predisposition (in this case sexism) goes out the window sometimes for love.

“I would still date someone who has been sexually active in the past, but I admit learning of this, would change my perception of her,” shares Mrugank Kohli (22).

“I would instantly see her as wild, adventurous. The girl next door would become gutsy and open to experimentation in my mind,” he adds.

“I was 18 when I got engaged. My fiancé was 26 then, and marrying early is a common practice among the Sindhi community,” says 19-year-old Khushboo Bafna. “We just tied the knot last month and I soon learned that it was not his first time. I would have understood completely had he experienced that with an ex-girlfriend or even a ‘friends with benefits’ situation.

“But, he said it was a rite of passage during his engineering days. Apparently, his entire group of friends in college travelled abroad in the last semester only to sleep with a stranger in a foreign land.

He paid for it, which made it sexual tourism. The manner in which he did it was hard to stomach,” she says in an acrimonious tone.

Vishakha Bhati (31), opines, “Whenever you have a boyfriend, you’re bound the feel the pressure of intimacy at some point. Eventually you give in. I think it is strange that men expect a woman to hold on to her virtue when every guy tries so hard to pry it from her.

Also, it’s rare that women care if men have had more than one partner in the bedroom.

But it is of the utmost importance to most men. Why the double standard?” she questions aptly.

Sruti Bisht and Nishant Goel were well aware of each other’s sexual past when they first started dating. “I never broached the subject or asked her about the ‘V’ word, but Sruti explained anyway, despite my insistence on the fact that it didn’t matter,” laughs Nishant.

“He’d confessed to me right off the bat and I thought it was the perfect time to reveal that I too had experience under my belt,” winks Sruti.

“It is a tad unrealistic to find partners with their virtue intact at 28. It isn’t impossible, but we’re saying it shouldn’t be a criterion,” says Nishant with a cheerfully progressive approach.


#Respondent names changed to protect their individual privacy. All views expressed are those of the individual respondents. 

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