Gift Registry- Will You Adopt This Trend For Your Wedding?

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2018 has seen celebration of the highest order, be it b-town couples getting hitched or the largest wedding the country has ever seen…

Amidst all the fervour and tinsel, the most awaited marriage of the ‘desi girl’ Priyanka Chopra and ‘pardesi babu’ Nick Jonas became the talk of the town for their unique wedding registry guide with a popular online shopping site.

Priyanka Chopra being the typical Indian bride probably wanting to avoid getting multiple cutlery sets and chose to prepare a personalised list of gifts that people can decide on for her wedding. All over the world, there are brides who are interested in more personalized gifts for their wedding. You can even find companies that offer to make your own bobbleheads, making them a forever memento of your perfect day. Priyanka’s day would be no different.

From featuring kitchenware to a dog raincoat for her Diana, the list included even a snowboard and a toothbrush…

Setting the trend, Priyanka has influenced many to decide on this system of gifting that also lists services, gift cards, cash and proceeds towards charities.

Kriti, a bride to be, decided to not go the conventional way and registered herself with a website to prepare her wedding Wishlist.

“I found this idea super practical and convenient. Even if you don’t want people to give you weird and useless gifts, there will be some who will skilfully wrap a forwarded gift that they might have received at their wedding.

The counter method is to either get them to give you what you want or don’t accept any gifts at all.

This may sound too progressive for some, but its actually sensible and practical,” Kirti adds. She continues stating that she knew some couples who enjoyed unique gifts than traditional ones and would opt for a gift like custom-made figurines (or if you’re French figurine personnalisée) instead of traditional gifts. While others would opt for a more digital form of gift giving.

By registering themselves on an online website for free, couples can add gifts from other online sites as well, or chose for a cash gift or opt for a donation to a charity.

Zaine Khan, a digital marketer, has been aware of the wedding registry trend abroad and finds it strange that it is making such a late entry into India. “Better late than never, I guess”

Having a wedding registry guide is a very convenient path to choose. People often list only cash donations which I believe isn’t a bad choice to make.

You will always know who gifted what (just for the sake) and those funds can be used to pay your massive wedding bills, practical enough,” she exclaims.

“I think although this is food for thought, getting personalised gifts like photo mugs or photo scrapbooks from people shows their effort towards making your great day, memorable,” quotes Sonia Kaur, an entrepreneur. Getting married isn’t about getting the most expensive gifts from the guests. It’s the thought that counts. Whether someone has gifted the bride and groom with a Rolex each and someone else has presented them with personalized photo bags, for example, the fact that people put thought into a gift like this should mean a lot more.

“It is good to see what people think and know about you which reflects with the choice of gifts they make. You will always remember them for those choices,” Sonia adds giggling.

Sharing their insights, Suman and Prerna, who are ready to get married next year said,

“In India, no one gives so much thought to what gifts they should get and how they should use them.

For them, the entire procedure of getting married is so complex and exhausting that thinking about all these secondary things never happens.

Although this may avoid a lot of duplication and gift forwarding, how practical is it to have a team preparing wish lists of even publicising our weddings this much” adds Suman.


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