Just Cant Forget These Really Funny Christmas Experiences

Christmas Fun
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Christmas is probably the most celebrated festival across the globe that brings bundles of joy, celebration, great bonding and memories that last a lifetime..

Puneites are all set to ring in the festivity, share love, gifts and spend quality time together reminiscing their lovely occasions.

Pune365 caught up with a few Puneites who shared some interesting memories of Christmas that they cant seem to get over! Some embarrassing ones and the others truly hilarious! 

Jessica Pinto, Digital media analyst shares, “Last Christmas eve, our CEO host a party at a club and ended up completely sloshed and went on to announce unlimited drinks to everyone present at the club.”

I have see this kind of scene only in the movies and old serials and experiencing it first hand gave me goose bumps!

By the time he realised what he had done, everyone else had already the club left and he ended up paying a huge bill of Rs 37000/- Pinto added.

Sarah Richard, Flight attendant, sharing her experience, I remember adopting a puppy to gift my dad on Christmas and had packed him in an open-top box through which the puppy escaped.

Little was I to know that he had escaped! I went with the box and my dad opened the box  to see the box empty.

After searching all over,  I heard a sound coming from my bedroom and there I found the little one, Sarah added.

I cant forget this Christmas evening at my friends which turned out to be the most embarrassing moments I have had in my life, says Sharon Afonso, Choreographer.

I remember going to a party at a friends friend’s place after the Christmas mass. The party was fun until the time we had a shot drinking contest. I was so drunk, that I ended up pleasuring myself with a mop, and to my horror, my friend’s mom saw me doing it.

I have never ever visited my friend’s place after that occasion, Afonso added.

Sylvester Dsouza, Guitarist says, “I was interning at an Ad agency and they had this Christmas party in the office itself.

Being an intern, I never had to encounter my boss, so I  basically didn’t even know who he was and what he looked like.

During the party, I went to relieve myself and saw this handsome man in his 40s who was doing his business right next to me. Stupidly, I started cribbing about the company.

To add to this, while ending the conversation, I asked, “what are you doing in this shit hole?” and he replied, “ I own the company.”

And before I could say anything, he left! Without much regret, I left the company before they threw me out, Dsouza added.

Richa Desai, software professional says, “I was invited for a party at my fiancés place where I have often been to have e a drink with my in-laws who drink socially on occasions.

While we were all relaxing and gossiping, I, who was already little high on the drinks, ended up saying many things to my mom-in-law that ranged from her dress sense to the shoes she wears.

The next morning my fiance told me about the incident and till date, I don’t dare drink with my inlaws, Desai added.



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