#Furholics: Meet Hazel, The Chirpy And Beautiful Girl At The Fonseca’s

Furholics - Hazel

Playful, chirpy and a complete bundle of love.

Meet Hazel, the spirited fighter who loves her belly rub as much as she adores lazing in her mom Winnifred Fonseca‘s lap…


Hazel was reported as an accident case and eventually found by my daughter Lorraine after 2 days of search in the symbiosis playground at Vimanagar in a pitiable state.

We assumed that her foreleg is fractured so we rescued her and took her to the vet. She was diagnosed with ‘nerve paralysis’ in her foreleg which meant her leg had to be amputated if she had to live on the streets. However,  if she could stay indoors, safe from too much friction that came from dragging her foreleg while walking, she would be just fine.

Hazel was also diagnosed with hip dysplasia which has now healed with medicine and regular calcium and joint supplements for her strong tiny legs.

We tried hard to save her from the amputation as there was some sensitivity in her foreleg but after 6 months of trying, the Vet said it had to be amputated if we wanted to save her from future complications. So we went ahead with it and brought her home.  

“We could not do more than comfort her and keep her cosy!  Even with the drugs and the pain Hazel got up twice on her own with the Elizabeth collar to pee and went straight to the washroom which was her designated place lined with newspapers” she added.

Winnifred says, We tried to put the newspaper nearer to her to ease her pain after the surgery but she wouldn’t go anywhere but the washroom. That’s when I actually saluted her spirit.

“Hazel was strong and happy all throughout the recovery phase. 

We tried a lot to find someone to adopt her after the amputation, but we didn’t get one.  Since all of us were out of the house for most of the day, we knew we could not devote time to her and hence wanted to get her a good home, she added.

Eventually, with a heavy heart, we decided to send her to a farm in Bangalore, popularly known as the voice of strays.

Furholics - Hazel

Winnifred says, “He was the only person whom we trusted will love and care for her till the end.  Everything was done for the travel.  We dropped hazel previous night and she was to travel along with 3 other dogs by road a day later so that the person could get the dogs used to him handling them.”

After dropping Hazel off, we were just unable to work at office or even rest at home. That very moment we decided to bring her back and give her a home.  So we contacted them again and told about our decision to adopt her, Winnifred added.

It was really wonderful to have her back and this is how Hazel came back into our lives to stay with us forever.

Hazel loves to travel and we often take her for outings. She is scared of humans because of her past. Probably she thinks they may take her away again and does not trust them, hence barks to keep them away.”

She does bark at strangers, though if she does befriend you, she will shower you with lots of love and kisses.

She loves to go for car drives and to chase birds and cats and even flies.

Furholics - Hazel

Hazel is now a hyper, happy, jumpy and extremely loving, active and playful girl who doesn’t care about her foreleg and runs faster than most of us.

Hazels favourite food is chicken tikkas, biryani and the spicy food that we eat, though we avoid it except for once in a while as a treat. She is thoroughly pampered and a spoilt girl who loves laze on your lap and just wants to be around you all the time.

We do our best to keep her happy and she has really taught us to stay cheerful always adds Winnifred signing off…


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