Frequent Transfers Of Officers In Critical Roles Irks City

Transfer of Authorities
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Predictably, yet another set of transfers of IPS officers was announced and Pune lost its DCP Traffic who was beginning to make a positive difference to the city’s chaotic traffic.

The city is up in arms protesting the frequent moves of Pune’s DCP- Traffic with almost every officer given barely any time to settle down and act on the city’s concerns. Win real money no deposit required casinos overview of casino no deposit offers.

DCP Tejaswi Satpute and her team in a short period of time made effective changes in the Pune traffic system and also led the campaign for helmets enforcement. Visible change was noticed during this tenure and the errant motorists were brought to the book. Alas, this officer has also been moved out within a seven month period.

Pune’s Activists and informed citizens spoke to Pune365 on how these transfers are directly hampering the resolution of long standing concerns of the city, traffic being a critical area. 

Frequent transfers impact the work carried by the officers and demoralise the bureaucracy,” says Nikhil Kadam, Social Activist.

For any civil servant, it takes at the least, six months to a year to study the city before he/she actually starts making a difference.

They’re deployed with huge responsibilities and bound to take time to study the whole city. DCP Tejaswi Satpute was found to be quick on the uptake and was making a huge difference in Pune’s traffic. Her team was doing phenomenal work.

The state government must get serious about the Pune Traffic issues, it is a serious matter of concern and affecting the citizens hugely.

According to a GR, there is a period of 18 months and before that, no civil servant should be transferred. However, no state government seems to be following it. There is a need of a fixed tenure of at least 2 years and no transfer before that should be allowed. That will allow them to find effective solutions to the ongoing problems and ease the living of citizens, Kadam adds.

Ranjit Gadgil, Programme director of Parisar says, The frequent transfers of senior officer is very problematic.

The DCP Traffic is a critical position given the enormity of the problem of traffic and road safety.

This problem is made even more acute since the DCP has no prior knowledge or understanding of these subjects. They typically ‘learn on the job’. Frequent transfers mean that all this knowledge is lost and one has to start all over again.

There is an urgent need for a State policy that ensures a posting for at least 3 years. Also, these officers must undergo a basic course on traffic, mobility and road safety before taking charge, Gadghil added.

The outgoing DCP’s work was outstanding there was finally a ray of hope seen in Pune’s traffic, says Nishant Kamat, working professional.

During Satpute’s tenure, she conducted various experiments and surveys before actually implementing or enforcing in the city. Transferring her or any officer within a year impacts the whole work carried out before and the impact will be seen on our roads yet again!

The whole effort is wasted and the new incumbent has to start all over again.


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