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Holi - Skin Care
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How ever much we love frolicking with colours every Holi, the aftermath and its toll on the skin and hair is always a huge challenge…

From red martians to blue skinned aliens, the city sees it all!  Post Holi, all focus is on getting to look normal and vigorous scrubbing and home remedies are resorted to that end up doing more harm than good. 

Dr. Shirreen Y. Poonawalla
Dr. Shirreen Y. Poonawalla

Pune365 invited city based Aesthetic Dermatologist, Dr. Shirreen Y. Poonawalla to share her expertise on how best one can enjoy this festival of colours without damaging their skin and hair.

“First and foremost, people should stick to organic and chemical free colours. Moreover, if one is allergic to any dyes etc. they should then abstain from playing or should get their own colours .

People should look into moisturising and protecting their skin from the sun. Hydration and moisturizing the skin well with enough sunscreen application is crucial. People can look into opting for anti-pollution sunscreens available in the market.

“For the hair, I would suggest that you avoid heading out with dry hair. Oiling the hair with organic coconut oil will block cuticles so that the damage is less. Pay attention to oiling the hair strands rather than the scalp and tying it in a concealed manner.

While we have to get the chemical out from the skin and hair, going all out with rigorous rubbing can do more harm than good.

“Avoid vigorous rubbing of the colours. This is what leads to dermatitis post Holi. You should go with mild soaps and washes from among your regular ones rather than going tough on the skin with harsh soaps and loofahs.

Do not try to remove it in the first day itself especially if it isn’t washing off easy. The bath should be followed by a moisturising, hydration and sunscreen routine.”

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After the festival, there are increased cases of contact dermatitis and dryness related dermatitis caused by excessive rubbing of skin and the use of harmful chemicals.

“Dryness dermatitis is common post Holi and this happens majorly due to the damage caused by excessive cleansing and rubbing of the skin.

This is when the dryness sets in followed by itching and rashes. If people spot any sign of dryness, flaky skin, red patches on the skin, they should immediately get in touch with an expert.

Coconut is a neutral agent that won’t do you harm so when you have irritations, apply coconut oil for the meanwhile and later seek the help of an expert dermatologist.”

Although people opt for home-made remedies for pre-and-post care, Dr. Poonawalla however suggests taking it easy and advises to be gentle with your skin.

“If you want to play Holi, then you should be prepared for colours that will stay on for a while. Or else, avoid playing Holi or be vigilant and use organic high quality colours.

“Moreover, avoid using home remedies like rubbing lime on the skin or using besan on dry skin. Not every home remedy is suited for all and these are only myths. The best is to stick to your basic skin care routine of moisturising, applying sunscreen, oiling, using organic and safe colours and being patient and gentle.

“The skin is a renewing organ and every 28 days it recycles, hence it is going the shed the colour off by itself .”

Dr Shirreen also advices against facials, bleaches or other treatment five days before and after playing Holi.


# All skin and hair care information mentioned is for reader awareness only and is not to be construed as professional medical advise. Readers are advised to consult medical professionals for specific needs. 


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