#ExamPolicing – Where Do We Draw The Line ?

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Cases of copying in exams have always been common during public exams and several preventive measures are taken by the respective boards to curb this malaise.

However, a recent report shockingly alleged, that exam-policing crossed the line and 80 female students were strip checked by two lady guards at a city college before their higher secondary exams.

Pune365 speaks to citizens on where to draw the line when it comes to preventing incidents of copying at public exams:

I understand they want to be sure before we enter the examination hall, but a strip check is really not the way, ” says Diksha Gawade, HSC student. We are as it is stressed because of the syllabus, why do they want to add in it?

Although in my college they have never perform any checks in this manner, but i really feel sorry for those girls if this really happened.

Do you think that keeping chits in our undergarments will help? says, Amruta Patil, HSC student. I accept copying is the easy way to clear the exams, specially in this competitive world. But why will I keep a book or chits where I cant access them easily!

If I have to copy in the exams there are better ways to do it. Even a stupid person will not keep a copy out of his/her reach.” she adds.

A frustrated mother Deepa Desai, housewife says, Firstly our girls are not safe in school, at least, let them write the paper peacefully. How are our girls suppose to write their paper after being asked to strip in front of someone. It is said that woman understands a woman well, though the picture is different in reality, if these reports are true.

Meanwhile addressing the media, MIT responded to these reports of misconduct :

Mangesh T. Karad, Secretary- MIT, Virendra Bawaskar, Principal, MIT Junior College and Staff from the institution Janaki Pathak and Shakuntala Patil addressed a press conference dismissing these allegations as baseless. 

“When the students were not allowed to copy, few parents resorted to abusing and threatened the principal and staff. Principal Virendra Bawaskar said this students parents hurled abuses at the college staff, when they were stopped from entering a zone where parents of students are not allowed to enter. 

All the guidelines given by the board were followed by the staff and there was no inappropriate behaviour by the staff, said the MIT officials. 

Checking during the exams to curb the copy cases is understood, but frisking them with a body search is certainly not needed, she adds.

“It is very shameful! Already the students are tense with the atmosphere during the exam,” says Sunita Jagade, Professor.

I don’t think our students have such time on their hands while writing exams that they will resort to hiding notes and chits in their undergarments. That’s not even handy, and students are smarter than this if they really intend to resort to copying..

“Parents have faith in the college where their children appear for exams. We have to support and ease the stress for students during the exams and all this may affect their marks”, she adds.


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 


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