Don’t You Dare Angry Me Priya Aunty!

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Let’s face it. You just can’t pop out of nowhere one fine day, wink and then start getting increasingly popular by the minute..

Some things are not meant to happen. I know she is nice and seems like a good girl and from God’s Own Country and so on. But this is just not done. 

It is important, for me to make it abundantly clear, at this stage, that the media adulation, photographs, shares etc are baby Taimur’s prerogative. He is the star and you can’t just rob him of his beauty sleep, his fashion sense and his innate love for the camera. And, certainly not all, at one go!

And certainly not with a wink, for God’s sake!

Taimur also winks and for those of you who didn’t know this, go bury yourself in the quicksands of Dharavi, for all I care! I mean, we are the original star. Some new kid on the block can’t just get away so easy, with this winky stuff.

And incidentally, all of you probably don’t even know that this digital star, Priya doesn’t own a smartphone, or so I am told by my media buddies in Kerala. She uses her mother’s phone apparently.

She is a good girl. This part I know.

Now, my baby buddy Taimur, has several phones actually and has offered to gift her one if she were to get off his case. Am just working out the logistics now to make all this happen and quick. In case you haven’t figured we are really miffed at all this.

And I don’t think this is right. I mean you cant throw off a superstar with some random blink of an eye. And more so, Look at him. Even his subtle glance with nanny hit’s page 3. Taking all this fame and attention away, is just not done.

I have of course suggested, that someone take up the matter and get social media to tone down on this wink stuff.

After all Priya Warrier also needs time to get over these moments of fame. And more importantly, one has to give her time to decide on what next!

This wink will eventually die down. She will need to formulate the next strategy to able to compete with our baby Taimur. He has lots more up his sleeve…

All said and done, I must congratulate our brethren in the media fraternity on the amazing display of affection for all this. Millions lap this up too and almost instantly.

Different matter that a lot us, lap it all up like a hungry cat with its plate of milk.

But, coming back to where we had started, Taimur baba is extremely miffed and this isn’t good news. What if he gets photo shy and we miss on all those photo ops with his nanny and others?  I mean, just think of it!

We will probably be left with nothing to cover, save some Nirav chap running off will millions, or some banal political issue. Tsk Tsk. What will happen of our burgeoning news industry..

Take my word for it, it is time that these two celebs meet and resolve this wink matter amicably, over a bowl of good cereal or some such thing.

Quinoa may be added for greater media palatability too.


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Jaisurya Das

Jaisurya Das

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Jaisurya Das