#PuneWomen – Assault, Sexism And Now Victims Of Road Rage

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There was a time when women were respected and revered by our society but alas, these virtues have been long forgotten.

Obvious disrespect, sexist behaviour, discrimination, assault and now road rage is what the women of today face on our streets. 

Quite recently a woman was allegedly beaten up by an angry SUV driver, right in front of her child. The woman was driving through the cantonment area, when she was hit by an SUV. When she got down to check the damage to her car, the enraged SUV driver started beating her instead.

So what are women suppose to do in the face of such road rage? How does she protect herself?

Pune365 spoke to a few women and this is what they had to say:

“I am a working woman and I usually take early morning flights, I pretend to talk on the phone all the while, keeping the hour of the day in mind. Ideally, one should not fear, or find escape in these situations, but this is precisely what society offers today. Fear is our normal reflex. The other day, while returning from the airport with my husband, the cab driver stopped to refuel at our cost.

After a discussion, he asked us to step out and it was already 3 am. Post this, we did  complain to the cab company about the inconvenience caused, but that night was scary.

Fear doesn’t really make you a coward, and in fact it makes you smarter and better equipped to protect yourself,” opines Deepa Kalwani.

Aastha Pokarna opines, “I believe consciousness is the key, like to be careful, about little things like who you are sharing a cab with, or anyone following you.  Also, one should send contact numbers to friends or family before a trip. Little things like these, if left unnoticed can be a cause for concern. Incase of being attacked, I will try fighting back, so that I get time to escape.”

“My safety is in my hand, I cannot rely on my dad or my husband or my son for my safety. I do party, though not extremely late, as the society at large, instils fear and awareness is critical.

Recently, I was eve teased by three guys, while I was in my car with my baby, waiting for my husband to arrive  I locked all the doors and yes, I was afraid but that didn’t make me a mouse.

I feared for my kid and myself, because I was unaware of their intentions. People are not exactly the way we expect them to be, so our protection depends on us, opines Mahi Moolchandani.

Anureet Kaur opines, “ In this world full of people one cannot trust a single person today.

In case of emergencies I’ll call on the helpline number, and ask for their assistance. Ideally, I would just ignore it, though I am an athlete and I know I can deal with them.

Engaging yourself unnecessarily in any problem is stupidity. Also one should always keep their phone charged and the family updated on your location” she adds.


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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