The Drone Of It All – Am Simply Loving It!

Flying drone with camera
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I just read with keen interest a report on how the aviation ministry plans to allow the more liberal use of drones.

Apparently the ministers in charge want everyone to be able to use these UAV’s aka unmanned aerial vehicles..

I am actually quite impressed with my in-depth knowledge of complex sounding acronyms like UAVs.

But at the moment, there are more pressing matters with respect to these interesting flying things that resemble a spider that is grossly oversized and has HD cameras for eyes,

Now, that’s high definition by the way! Pat on the back JD, You’re getting better at this.

So coming back to these drones, gearing up to deliver Amazon consignments and pizzas to your door (hand delivered would be more appropriate I guess) the future certainly looks promising for me. I know I can manage well without the Amazon parcel or the pizza for a day or two but these drones could change the way I see comfort.

Now, that is exciting. I have decided to look online for these flying things that weight below 250gms (now that’s because that weight class is considered to be a toy drone and I am permitted to play with toys you see!) and have checked out those from DJI. I will probably invest in one very soon.

I know you’re wondering why any 50-year-old in his senses would want to fly a drone, (that is below 250gms!) and in Pisoli that is designated as a fringe area of Pune city in Maharashtra.

But, let’s not worry about these details at this juncture…

May I, for the moment, be permitted to explain the possible reason for my intention to travel back in time, to the balsa-wood model plane flying, bespectacled, buck teeth endowed young lad. As you may have noticed, this above sentence gave you a ringside view of how my nascent years were spent in aviation.

India Hobby Centre – Image for representation only

I was among the most loyal visitors at this huge (yet, bare) store in Mumbai that was called India Hobby Centre (IHC). Now for the layman, this store had nothing and most of it long shelves were stark, save a small rack in the corner. Now this one rack meant the world for me.

It housed almost everything from DIY radio kits to model airplanes and the fancier petrol-engined prop motors to use on hobby planes.

Sometime later, they even acquired a fancy imported remote controlled plane
which was way beyond my pocket money’s stretch but yes, I did ogle at it, each time I visited IHC.

Image used for representation only – Courtesy: Hobby Centre

The balsa wood (Spitfire models from WW11) were six rupees then. The more complex ones were 15 rupees and so on. But these balsa wood wonders were the most amazing flying things I had ever seen. Perfectly balanced, once you assemble them and one fling into the air, will see it take perfect loops and long flights depending on how you have adjusted the rudder and wing.

Absolutely brilliant stuff. Simplistic and functional. Aviation thus became very close to my heart and pretty much my only other past-time besides the reading habit, I loved.

This is what happens, I tend to get carried away by these aviation memories and forget the topic of attention, that being the illustrious drone. The amazing prospect of not having to get up from my armchair in the garden is almost orgasmic.

Just sit there and guide this flying contraption to bring me my refills of indulgence. Now, before you think of substances that are injurious to health and personal wealth, let me remind you that this columnist also eats roasted gram, corn puffs and the occasional popcorn too.

For those of you who are factually inclined, our Pisoli winters are fairly intense, yet beautiful; different matter that we have distinguished guests dropping by..

Consequently, getting up from an exceedingly comfortable perch (with legs stretched on a foot stool) is nothing short of finding out (after you have the onions and chillies chopped) that you have no eggs for that omelette.

It is, as you may have figured, extremely distressing.

Additionally, this contraption may be put to good use to fetch my bath towel from the lower drawer in our linen chest. This would save me the horrid forward bend of the spine.

Coming to think of it, my footwear could also be flown in, soon after I exit the shower. Most ingenious I say!

Oh boy, the list in never ending and am sure a lot of those frantic summons from the wife can also be contained well, with some deft manoeuvres from my drone’s remote. Am quite thrilled with all this to be honest.

Now, if I may be permitted, will return to my online search for this wonderful flying giant tarantula/UAV/drone that I need to order.




Jaisurya Das

Jaisurya Das

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Jaisurya Das