Do Our Children Go Online Purely For Education?

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A recent study conducted by market research firm Velocity MR states that ‘Ninety per cent of Indian parents believed that the internet helps children with their education. Some of them also believe that it is the pop-ups that reveal unwanted content to their kids.

Interestingly. India also ranks third in the consumption of pornography through websites like and the use of the internet is high among teenagers. The study also indicated that 55 per cent of the parents said their kids started using the internet between 6-10 years of age.

The research also claims that 6 out of 10 parents don’t talk to their children about sex education.

The study featured a sample size of 2,268 covering prominent Indian metros including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Pune.

Approximately one in every two children spends 2-3 hours daily on the internet. Even though three-fourths of the parents say that they have never caught their kids watching unwanted content, 2/3rd of them use measures to restrict their internet access.

Parents of young kids (6-10 years) tend to monitor their usage of the internet the most; followed by 11-14 years (9 in every 10) and 15-17 year (8 in every 10).

Three in every 10 parents of 6-10 olds say their kids have access to social media.

It’s not just porn sites like that some parents are worried about. The study further says that Facebook can also be harmful to children with unwanted content floating all around. Not all, but 8 in every 10 parents discuss the usage and dangers of social media with their kids.

Jasal Shah, Managing Director and CEO of Velocity MR said, ‘It’s shocking to see that most parents do not talk about sex education with their children.

In India, according to our data, 53 per cent of children between the ages of 5 and 12 have been subjected to some form of sexual abuse. There are numerous misconceptions surrounding sex education in India, and whilst it is fine for adults to view content on and the like it is not for child viewing at all. Sometimes however, they may end up viewing it on accident, mistaking it for cartoons.

Speaking to Pune365, a city-based psychiatrist said, ” Kids have more curiosity to probe when they don’t understand a certain thing. If their curiosities are not satisfied they may get prone, involved or addicted to such obscene content. In some cases, it may also affect them for a long term.

Parents need to an established friendly relationship with their kids especially when they’re in teenage. Parental control helps, but try satisfying their curiosity correctly, he added.

Nalini Patwardhan, Parent of a teenager says, ” As a mother of two teenagers, I have taken the internet game seriously. For parents, it is very important to keep urself updated with the internet and technology as both go hand-in-hand.

I read many articles on the internet regarding cyberbullying and learn about the websites which are easily accessible for some cheap porn movies or sexual content. We have installed parental control on all the devices including the TV.

However we know that we can’t keep them away completely, as there are cyber cafes, other children in school and classes, but being a mother, I try to keep them away as much as I can.

Also, parents should educate their children about such obnoxious content, Patwardhan added.

Another parent Devi echoes the same sentiment and says, “You can’t prohibit a teenager from using the phone, laptop or any other device, as they study online and most of school and class assignments are submitted online.

Most of them also need it for safety purpose, but at the same time, they’re the easy target to fall for such content.

We have also installed parental control in their devices, we often talk to them about sex. It is important to explain to them the impact of such content.


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