#Diwali2018: Away From Home And Family, But Celebrate We Will

Young women celebrating Diwali
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Staying away from home gets that much tougher when it is festival time…

Yet, there is a section of the city’s youth who have decided to beat the blues and celebrate Diwali in their own unique way and spread the good cheer.  

It is my first Diwali away from home. The semester exams have messed up all plans for Diwali celebrations, says Anjali Gaikwad, student

There are only a handful of people left in the hostel and there are no plans as such for celebrations, apart from some basic lighting at the hostel. Few of us have planned a dinner but nothing apart from that.

Since am not home, mom has ensured that I won’t feel left out and sent a large pack of Diwali sweets, yet I miss Diwali at home terribly, she added.

This will be the fourth year that I am unable to celebrate Diwali with my family. Besides the exams, it is also because I have a family now here too, says Anuki Solanki, Engineering student.

We have not planned any celebrations as such, but this time we will be going eco-friendly and lighting diyas. Apart from the normal celebration. People who are staying back in the hostel are going to cook food and distribute it among the poor to make their Diwali, she added.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get off work during Diwali, says Ashish Kataria, Software professional.

Since we have rotational shifts at work, I prefer taking morning shifts so that I can do the pooja in the evening. I start the preparations early and begin with cleaning the house, and putting up lights and lanterns. 

Making sweets is something beyond me, so I prefer them getting from outside and invite some friends over Diwali.

We don’t burst crackers, but we play lots of indoor games through the night and celebrate the festival of lights, Ashish added.

We don’t miss home, as we have one here says, Roger Fernandes, Volunteer.

Diwali is not only about Diwali delicacies and firecrackers, but it is also about spreading the light and making someone’s Diwali brighter.

I have been working for an animal shelter for long and we have seen the pain they go through during Diwali. Therefore we have decided to give them nice food, water and some anti-anxiety oral drops to keep them calm, he added.

Gaurav Jawalkar, working professional says, “ As am not able to get off work for more than two days, I have packed my bag and moved to my friend’s house to celebrate Diwali.”

As I hate being living alone, this is the only thing I could do to save myself from loneliness this Diwali, he added.




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