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A simple, stylish and elegant professional, Swati Kelkar has seen and done it all in the NYC fashion industry . Away from the Indian market for 22 years and worked with brands like Talbots, American Eagle Outfitters and Kenneth Cole Productions among others, Swati still sees potential in the ever expanding Indian market.

In her career spanning three decades, she always harboured an interest in starting something of her own. She eventually resigned her employment as the president of a leading company to start her own clothing line KAREETTA.

It’s just been over two months and Kareetta has already expanded globally and made its presence felt in the e-commerce industry among the top-rated brands.

We spoke to Swati about the brand and her inclination towards the Indian market.

What is your vision for KAREETTA?

I was keen to bring couture into the market. Yet, couture is traditionally more expensive and hence it is our vision and objective to make it affordable and comfortable. I work with an experienced team who are well versed with the fashion industry to ensure this.

Give us an insight into your brand’s characteristics ..

It is a collection for women who love to travel, lead an active social life and are professionals. They could be home makers or a busy mom. But basically, it’s about traveling, dining and enjoying a comfortable life. It is an everyday, every woman brand. It has no age group and is very fluid. The clothes are very comfortable, well-fitted, suited for every body-type and every occasion.

What sets it apart from other brands?

I want people to dress stylishly, look sophisticated and elegant, but at the same time sex appeal for me is not showing your body. We don’t do anything that is body-con or tight fitted. We also don’t follow trend, we don’t follow fashion. We believe in making our own statement as far as colours and silhouettes are concerned. The silhouettes we cater to is only silk or silk-light touch. That is the USP that differentiates us from the other brands.

What scope do you envisage for Kareetta in the Indian market?

I think India is a beautiful market to tap. People love to dress classic and wear easy loose fitting clothes thanks to the lifestyle here. And the silhouette is perfect for the Indian climate. Most importantly the clothing is comfortable and timeless. I want people from here to buy and accept our brand.

Do you have any expansion plans in Pune?

Going forward with Pune, the idea is to open retail stores here. It could be our own store or it could be licensed. So, we are definitely out in the markets of Pune as a brand. In India, we are also in talks with a couple of lifestyle stores where we can have a shop and shop concept for our brand.

Your Fashion Pointers ?

I feel we don’t have to go crazy while shopping, just stay simple. Also, I believe that the clothes we have should be classic, elegant, timeless and the kind we will keep in our closet for a long time.

I personally don’t believe in getting in and out of clothes. Overall, your wardrobe should be classic and timeless. You should be able to mix and match and enjoy wearing the same tops with different bottoms and still look as elegant and stylish.

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