On Meeting Milind Mulick – Pune’s Watercolour Wizard

Milind Mulick


Simple living and high thinking – This is artist Milind Mulick, Pune’s own watercolour master…

When I first saw him he was busy organising the many paintings he’s done in his cosy and beautiful studio in Pune. A smiling ‘Namaskar’ made me feel at home. He looked so down to earth, without fame spoiling him, doing all his daily chores and keeping his studio as artistic as his paintings. Just after getting that done, he led me to his desk. Being an art-lover, I was curious to know what made this simple person great.

Talking about his inspiration, he walks up to his easel and starts a new portrait..

“I remember my father, Pratap Mulick used to draw and paint relentlessly. Our house in those days was not less than a studio.

Even my house help used to paint. Everyone visiting us was free to use the colours and explore their creativity,” he recalls nostalgically.

“I grew up in such a creative environment, that art came naturally, with just my father around and observing the way he created art.” He also mentions two respected artists Ravi Paranjape and Shivaji Tupe to be his all-time inspiration.

First draft of the portrait by Milind Mulick done in just 20 mins

He recalls doing his first landscape at the age of 13. Despite getting the National Talent Scholarship for Art, he went on to study Engineering and worked for an architectural firm for a long time.

He was emphatic that art for him, was never commercial and only a hobby to live for.

Other than paintings, the true artist in him wanted to explore another form of art which was music. As a guitarist, he formed a band with his friends, called The Strangers, and performed at many events. The band was very popular and drew crowds. He has also done experimental music and painting shows in Pune and Mumbai. Quizzed on whether he misses his musical days, he says, “I don’t miss playing the guitar much because music made me develop deeper understanding for my paintings.”

Watching Milind Mulick and the amazing fluidity of stroke on canvas, I wondered if each chord he played on his guitar, was a reflection of the colours of his amazing palette…

While he was exploring his painting skills, he realised that all the available books were foreign publications. The books were very expensive and unaffordable for any aspiring local artist. So he started writing in the year 2000. His first book, which took two years to complete, was published in 2002. Being a well-known name the world over, he went on to write 11 books on Sketching, Painting and Techniques.

His masterpieces enrich the interiors of various homes and corporate houses in India, US, Europe, Japan and Singapore.

Quite recently his ‘Europe paintings’ exhibition – ‘Europhia’ met with immense response.

“Pune is culturally rich and so are the Puneites with a taste for artistic flavours,” says Mulick.

Manjiri Gaikwad

Manjiri Gaikwad

A graphic designer and trainer by profession and an Artist by nature.
Manjiri Gaikwad