Binge n’ Groove Haunts For This New Year’s Eve

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Celebrating the end of the year mandates dancing up a storm. Yet, fabulous liquor and sumptuous eats are essential to a New Year’s Eve done right. Scores of partygoers admit that haute clubs with great grub are a scarcity about town.

Easing this trifle, we bring you Pune’s popular haunts that boast of offering the best of both worlds.

The Irish Village

Live music and a dance floor are not all the Irish Village offers. When your hunger pangs come a calling, this pub has a BBQ Chicken Pizza you ought to try. Patrons are also partial to their Dumplings. However, when you’re looking to binge drink, this Microbrewery serves up Craft Beer, Lager and Wheat Beers that are unique. You may also want to try their Apple Cider.





Average Cost: Rs. 1,700


This lounge has a popular DJ and is known for their Bollywood Nights. The outdoor seating offers you the perfect setting to sip your Draught Beer or Mocktails while chomping on a Pizza or Nachos.





Average Cost: Rs. 1,700

Bombay Barcode

The Bombay Barcode is definitely a good place to be, if you have a desi palate. Their Pav Bhaji and Mutton Bhuna are certainly worth a try. Quench your thirst with the Long Island Iced Tea or Kala Khatta before you sink your teeth in to their popular Schezwan Chicken or even a sumptuous Dhokla. The live music at the bar is a huge crowd puller on weekends.





Dhole Patil Road
Average Cost: Rs. 1,600

Sin Envy Pride

This lounge is frequented by foodies who adore fast food. Their Pizzas and Nachos are crowd pleasers, but their dirty Martini is known to be as good as the one Bond ordered in Casino Royale. The rooftop ambience is apt for celebrations and the suave interiors, worth the visit.





Average Cost: Rs. 2,500


If you wish to party without betraying your desi belly, then squeal Hallelujah for Beto’s. Their Mocktails are considered great, as is their Butter Naan. This rooftop lounge has live music and live sports screening. Teetotalers can chug on Iced Tea or Iced Lemon Tea before hitting the dance floor. Their touted USP is Karaoke.






Where: NIBM Road

Average Cost: Rs. 1,500



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