Beyond Science – The Fascinating World Of The Occult

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Brian WeissMany Lives Many Masters piques your curiosity about higher realms while Tom Shroder‘s Old Souls makes you wonder about your past life. We decided to explore this realm beyond the apparent and decided to seek insights into the fascinating world of occult with Ashtar Tashi.

Ashtar Tashi

A medium and energy healer, this clairvoyant takes us on an intriguing journey beyond the science we know..

What is your perception of the other side?

There are other dimensions beyond this 3D dimension where we exist. Other dimensions are above and below ours. Those of us fortunate, are able to “connect with the Other Side”.

Do you see and communicate with the spirits of people who have moved on to a better world ?

Yes, I am indeed fortunate to be a soul medium. I connect through conversations with people who aren’t in their physical bodies anymore, and through this we can figure out if a psychic reading could reveal your future.

Where do you believe people go, once they move on from the earthly world?

I have always believed in after-life and reincarnation.

Souls move to where other souls rest in states of higher consciousness. The soul is welcomed there for healing and review, so it can take the next step forward. The level of ascension depends on a soul’s evolution in the life just lived.

How do you read? Also, are you always able to get a read on a person?

Yes, I never fail to get a read on a person.

I am blessed with gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairescence. I channel messages from other realms when a person comes to me in a dilemma. I receive appropriate advice and offer the same. I use intuition and psychic energies to receive answers and Goddess Oracle Cards help to validate the counsel. I believe Goddesses bless the reading with their divine presence.

Whats the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A psychic can “read” minds using intuitiveness to answer queries. He/she may already know what’s going on in the mind of the questioner. The energies are already being “picked on”.

A medium merely carries the energies of a higher presence and can offer advice and counsel coming from that source.

Can anyone be a Psychic Medium?

Yes and no. You see, we’re all blessed with intuition. But the sixth sense depends on us and how we wish to enhance it. So those who get drawn to the occult, hone this art whilst others may just ignore it. I personally, had no clue that I had these gifts. Meditation sessions saw me realize them and I gave up everything else to hone these skills and gifts.

What are your clients innately curious about?

People are most keen to know their true purpose. Soul Purpose Reading lets them discover it by understanding their karmic baggage. People also seek their professional futures, relationships and dates of marriage (should they be single). Health concerns are asked too.

As an energy healer I also look at photographs of their family members or business partners, and help with questions related to them.

I use Soul Mediumship to connect with their departed loved ones to put a client’s concerns to rest. I definitely feel blessed to be the chosen one!



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