Andharban – A Trek Through A Dense Dark Forest

Andharban Jungle

Andharban – the name itself tell us about the destination – a thick dark dense forest, located at an altitude of 2,160 ft. It is a trail through a 13-km jungle stretch in the middle of Tamhini Ghat.

Andharban Forest
Image: Bhramanti365

The trek will include the beautiful water of Bhira dam, which is the origin of Kundalika river, breathtaking views from Devkund waterfall along with a valley and the picturesque ghat of Tamhini.

During this trek, water streams are going to be your constant companion. Water splash, waterfalls, cascades and awesome view of Kundalika valley. Trekking through the endless number of waterfalls on your way will definitely rejuvenate you.

The starting point of the trek is from a based village in a location called as independence Point near Pimpri dam. It doesn’t specifically have a starting point but the trails are visible. The route passes through the mind blowing panoramic views of the surrounding Sahyadri mountain ranges till 8kms. Later the maps show a shallow U-shaped turn around the backwaters of the Bhira Dam, in the Kundalika valley.

Waterfall at Andharban

Be cautious while trekking as the route is slippery, It takes 4-5 hours to cover the whole dense forest while watching different species of birds and butterflies.

The thick dense forest is home to over ver 25 species of mammals, including the giant squirrel (locally called shekru), leopard and barking deer; over 150 species of birds and over 70 species of butterflies.

Reaching there

Google co-ordinates 18.462435, 73.383398 indicates the precise point from which Andharban trek route starts along the scenic Pimpri dam and 18.510341, 73.417509 are the endpoints at Bhira dam.

Drive yourself from Pune → Piranghut – Mulshi – Tamhini ghat – Pimpri Dam

There are no restaurants once you start the trail trek of Andharban. So, make sure you carry sufficient food, water.

Places to see

Tamhini Ghat

Tamhani Ghat
Image: TourdeFarm

A mountain passage that cuts the road to join Pune and the Konkan region. It is located near to the Sahyadri and one of the important route while trekking to Andharban. Tamhini Ghat is famous for the scenic beauty, along with high mountains, waterfalls, green valleys and lakes. One can experience the beauty of nature while crossing this ghat.

Devkund Waterfall

Devkund Waterfall, Andharban
Devkund Waterfall. Image: goeventz

It is situated near the Bhira dam, which will be at the end of your trek. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful waterfall in India and is counted among the perennial waterfalls. The water cascading down from a height into a clear bluish green water pool is a heaven on earth.

Sarasgad Fort

Sarasgad Fort

The fort is locally known as Pagadicha killa- The name was derived from the hilltops and the two cliffs look like a typical turban used in Maharashtra. The place is also known as one of the eight  Astavinayak. Lord Ganesh is named ‘Ballaleshwar’ and located just behind the temple can be seen the ramparts of Sarasgad fort.



##All images are details are purely indicative and readers are advised to check finer details at the respective destinations. 


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